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January 6 Committee Loses Key Witness

As you know, the Democratic Party has been running quite the kangaroo circus in Washington. For months now, they’ve been “investigating” the events of...

Texas Governor Thinking About Using Wartime Power to Declare an Invasion at the Border

Governor Greg Abbott certainly does think outside of the box. He is publicly contemplating invoking wartime powers and declaring his state under “invasion” due...

Cost of Democrats Betrayal Hits Millions as Truth Comes Out regarding the True Cost of Their Actions

Alejandro Mayorkas is the criminal mastermind overseeing the southern border. He is Joe Biden’s Homeland Security chief and could not care about keeping the...

Will We See a Biden/Trump Rematch in 2024?

Will the Biden administration and the Trump Team both continue to race against each other in a 2024 political game of chicken? Both men...

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