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Poll: Are the Bidens Guilty of Backroom Dealings?

Poll: Are the Bidens Guilty of Backroom Dealings?

Here’s the Background Story: The mainstream media is giving way too much attention to President Trump over his perfectly normal phone call with Ukraine’s president. What was initially a standard conversation between the two leaders turned into an impeachment movement against Trump. As a result, a bigger piece of the Ukrainian puzzle has gone overlooked. […]

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The Unhinged Leftist Media

The Unhinged Leftist Media

Progressive Liberal co-host of “The View,” Joy Behar, apparently cannot escape from her rantings about President Trump even while on vacation. While on holiday in London, Behar encountered a man who is a supporter of the president who asked, as she put it, “Why can’t you give him a chance the way we gave Obama […]

Trump’s Latest Border Security Measure

Trump's Latest Border Security Measure

America’s southern border with Mexico has always been a hotspot for illegal immigrants to enter our country. Illegal crossing records were shattered in 2019 making this the most active year in a decade. To combat this massive influx of immigrants, the Trump administration has enacted and revised countless immigration policies to stem the tide. Trump’s […]

[Video] Project Veritas Exposes More Fake News

[Video] Project Veritas Exposes Fake News

The first of Project Veritas’ videos exposing CNN’s anti-Trump bias went live a few days ago. Finally, parts two and three are now available to watch! Below is the second installment of the Right-wing group’s excellent undercover work. One of the biggest takeaways from this series is the fact that a CEO can single-handedly ruin […]


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