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Poll: Does Removing Historical Statues Help Today’s Issues?

Poll: Does Removing Historical Statues Help Today's Issues?

Here’s the Background Story: In the wake of the riots and civil unrest that followed the death of George Floyd, the Progressive Liberals are accelerating their ongoing attempts to rewrite American history. Statues of prominent figures of the Confederate States of America (CSA) and the Founding Fathers are being toppled or removed. Sales of flags […]

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NYT Pushes Wearing Two Masks at Once

If you remember, back to almost a year ago, we were just starting to hear rumors of a deadly disease being spread throughout the...

If You Ever Had a Hard Time Understanding Someone’s Accent You’re Guilty of ‘Linguistic Racism’

The so-called educated professors in higher education have once again stated something that makes absolutely no sense at all. Peter De Costa is a...

Tech is Fleeing the Bay Area, Pelosi Must Be So Proud

U.S. Representatives are voted in by the residents of specific districts. More populated states are able to send more Representatives to Capitol Hill because...

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