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Poll: Does Trump Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

Poll: Does Trump Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

Here’s the Background Story: ( – President Trump has taken great strides to set an example for other nations to follow. His tireless efforts to bring all nations together, especially those with a history of hostility, might be unprecedented among the most recent succession of presidents. But does he deserve a Nobel Peace Prize? Here […]

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Democrat Apologizes for Pro-Trump Post

Democrat Apologizes for Pro-Trump Post

( – Heather Kass, a Democrat from Pennsylvania who’s currently running for a seat in the House of Representatives, appeared on TV recently to apologize for some social media posts that resurfaced from her past. The posts, which are from 2015, slammed Hillary Clinton and Obamacare and showed her support of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. […]

Dems Prep for Nevada Caucus

Dems Prep for Nevada Caucus

( – The 2020 Nevada Democratic caucus takes place this weekend, and the presidential hopefuls are trying to make the most of the time they have left. Data for Progress – Nevada Caucus PollSanders – 35Warren – 16Buttigieg – 15Biden – 14 766 likely caucus goers, text to web, 2/12/20 – 2/15/20 — Data for […]

5 Reasons Tonight’s Debate Is Must-See TV

5 Reasons Tonight's Debate Is Must-See TV

( – Democratic presidential candidates will gather on Wednesday evening for a debate that ought to be full of intrigue and drama… especially if you’re a Republican. For the first time, a socialist and a billionaire businessman who has a chance of winning will be on stage together. Both have their set of issues. Then […]


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