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Poll: Does Removing Historical Statues Help Today’s Issues?

Poll: Does Removing Historical Statues Help Today's Issues?

Here’s the Background Story: In the wake of the riots and civil unrest that followed the death of George Floyd, the Progressive Liberals are accelerating their ongoing attempts to rewrite American history. Statues of prominent figures of the Confederate States of America (CSA) and the Founding Fathers are being toppled or removed. Sales of flags […]

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Newsom Secretly Funds Close Supporters With Desirable Jobs Proving Democrats Rewards Faithful Followers

Gavin Newsom is another prime example of Democratic Governors going too far with actions that are COVID-19 related. Every liberal governor had taken it...

Horrid Tales of Sexual and Physical Abuse Are Emerging From N.H. Youth Detention Facility. Over 150 Staff Members Are Accused

While the Catholic church has had more than its fair share of accusations and convictions in the arena of pedophilia, they haven’t been the...

The Dems Are Catering to Transgenders as They Kick God From the White House

Unless a person is well acquainted with, or perhaps related to, a transgender person, they probably have little understanding, and perhaps tolerance, of those...

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