50-Year-Old Mistakenly Punched for Wearing Red ‘MAGA’ Hat

As Americans, with First Amendment rights, we are all entitled to our own opinion. We are allowed to think and feel, however, we choose. However, that doesn’t mean we are then permitted to follow where ever those opinions lead us, especially if it means breaking the law or endangering others.

This shouldn’t be a new revelation to really anybody unless you were raised by wolves or something. But it appears that this isn’t such a matter of common sense as I thought, at least when it comes to politics and presidential candidates.

And this gentleman can tell you firsthand; things can get pretty ugly.

Last week, Daniel Sprague, a retired NYPD detective, and his wife were celebrating his 50th birthday. They took a trip to Nashville, Tennessee with a few friends to make it extra special. On the night of his birthday, the group went out to a live music bar in the area to celebrate.

But things didn’t stay that way for long, as a random stranger suddenly attacked him.

Sprague told the New York Post, “I was outside with my friends when someone grabbed me from behind, spun me around, and punched me in the face.” He continued, “and then grabbed my hat off my head and was just yelling, ‘How dare you.’”

Talk about a buzz kill.

He said, “At first, I thought it was a friend until I got hit.”

But as he soon found out, it wasn’t a friend at all.

Instead, it was an enraged woman who had seen Sprague’s red ball cap and assumed it was a Trump MAGA hat. And she hit him hard enough to cut his cheek open to the bone.

The hat in question had been a recent birthday gift from his wife, although more of a joke than anything. It was red and said, “Make Fifty Great Again,” as in his age. Sprague was also wearing a t-shirt with the American flag on it that read: “Making America Great Since 1970.”

Sprague told the Post that he had received mixed reactions from passers-by and those seated around them all evening. Some seemed to approve while others did not. He said, “All night people were giving me thumbs up, smiles, or some showing rage until they walked up close and saw what the hat said. Then they would wish me a happy birthday.”

Now, I understand entirely that politics tend to get really sticky, causing some serious emotions. After all, these are issues that make or break our day to day lives, so to say they don’t matter is an utter falsity.

But as Sprague said, he never thought a simple hat, let alone a joke of one, would cause so much commotion. Never would he even think of acting similarly to someone wearing attire promoting one of his least favorite candidates.

“I love Trump, but I wouldn’t hit someone who had a Bernie hat on.” And he continued, “Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I wasn’t an Obama fan but if he walked into a place where I was, I would show him and the office respect.”

Apparently, this woman, who fled the scene after assaulting Sprague and being thrown out of the bar, didn’t feel the same.

And she isn’t the only Democrat who is prone to acting out when they see something they don’t like.

The week before a Democratic Florida man literally drove his van through a Republican voter registration tent. The volunteers working inside the tent narrowly missed over or hit by the oncoming vehicle. When questioned why he did such a thing, the man said that he “does not like Trump,” according to the police report.

Another Florida man was sentenced to 90 days in prison for spitting on a 67-year-old man wearing a MAGA hat in January. And in August of last year, a man in Oregon claimed he was beaten up outside of a bar for merely wearing a MAGA hat. Even in the White House accusations are thrown around for such attire. When Washington Nationals pitcher Kurt Suzuki wore a MAGA hat there, he was scorned for it.

And they call Trump divisive and hateful… If this is what Democratic leadership is inciting, it’s the last thing our country needs.