Airline Decides to Butcher Basic English to Appease Those Easily Offended

Australia’s flagship airline, QANTAS, has succumbed to social justice and political correctness. The company has announced that it will be brainwashing all of its employees in order to get them to use a new version of English sounds insane to normal people.

This should terrify anyone who has to fly on QANTAS plane because it’s only a matter of time before one of the jets drops out of the sky because the mechanic missed something important while he was in his mandatory social justice sensitivity training class.

QANTAS says its new mandatory butchering of the English language is intended to show more sensitivity to LGBTQI people. (Not to be confused with the LGBTQA+ lobbying group we have here in America.) 

Under the new mandatory thought policing, stewardesses… oh, whoops! Good thing I’m not in Australia, or I might be headed to jail for that little slip-up. I meant to say, under the new mandatory thought policing, FLIGHT ATTENDANTS and other staffers are banned from using the terms “husband,” “wife,” “mum,” or “dad.” They are instead required to use the terms, “partner,” “spouse,” and “parents.”

From the new QANTAS employee speech guidelines:

“Always using the terms ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ can reinforce the idea that people are always in heterosexual relationships. In the same way, always referring to ‘mum and dad’ can make many families feel excluded — both same-sex couples and single-parent families.”

In order to appease a tiny sliver of the human population, QANTAS is opting to offend the vast majority of families. We really are living in an upside-down world when things like this happen. But the QANTAS thought- and speech-policing gets even nuttier.

Staffers are also banned from using the terms “guys,” “love,” “honey” and “darling.” According to the new QANTAS corporate guidelines, using those offensive words “can make groups of people invisible.”

The guidelines are unclear in describing exactly which groups can be made invisible by hearing the term, “honey.” Nor do the guidelines discuss the alchemical process in which those groups actually turn invisible. 

If that’s not enough, buckle up. QANTAS has even more social justice for its employees. LOTS more!

According to this brand-new stuff that QANTAS employees are required to learn, all men are bullies. Men frequently interrupt women in the workplace. Pigs! And according to QANTAS, this is a scientific fact. If a woman is speaking at QANTAS and a man interrupts her and talks over her, that’s known as a “manterruption.” Employees are now required to “minimize manterruptions.”

Are you starting to see how this social justice racket works? The terms “husband” and “wife” are now banned because they’re not inclusive to a tiny sliver of the population. But the social justice warriors running the asylum are perfectly fine with inventing brand-new terms for the English language that are insulting to all men.

And as for the “scientifically proven fact” that men always interrupt women, the Diversity and Inclusion office at QANTAS has obviously never met my wife. Oh, sorry… they’ve never met my “spousal unit.”

But wait, there’s more! Staffers at the airline are now required to alter their vocabulary if they should happen to start discussing Australian history in the workplace or on flights. Do stewardesses talk about Australian history a lot? Oh, whoops… do flight attendants talk about Australian history a lot?

Anyway, every person in Australia used to learn in school that the continent was settled by Europeans, or more specifically, the British Empire. But the word “settled” is no longer woke enough for QANTAS airlines. When discussing Australian history, QANTAS employees are now required to use the much more favored term of “colonized” or – and this one is even better – “the invasion.”

Here’s a crazy thought. Instead of policing the thoughts and speech of all of their employees, how about if corporations focus on the reason why they existed in the first place? QANTAS, for example, is supposed to be focused on flying people from Point A to Point B and getting them there alive. That seems like a fairly important corporate mission, especially the “getting them there alive” part.

For every minute that they waste forcing their employees to hate men and use the word “invasion” to describe Australian history, that’s one less minute the company has to focus on its main mission, which is the safety of their passengers.