Almost 100 Protesters Shut Down Freeway Over the Weekend

Americans all have the right to protest.  But how far is too far?  Peaceful protest should always be the way to go, but even peaceful protest can go wrong with the protesters face arrest and fines.

It all has to do with where people protest and how they protest.  Of course, violence is never the answer, but neither is shutting down major highways and freeways.  That is what happened over the weekend when a group of protesters shut down a New York City freeway to voice their opinions against ICE raids and holding facilities.

There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with someone or the government because we all have our difference of opinions.

It is what makes America great when we can express those feelings, but there is nothing worth shutting down transportation for a person’s beliefs.  The people traveling the highways do not care about snowflakes’ feelings.  They care about getting to work or wherever they need to go.

What most of these idiots do not realize is the highways are also for emergency vehicles.  It has happened on several occasions where emergency vehicles needed to get through a major highway to get to a fire, a robbery, and even a hospital.

Some have already died in the ambulance while the ambulance was held up in protest.  These people are charged with murder and responsible for their stupidity by not protesting the proper way.  They think it is “their way or the highway.”  Yes, the pun is intended because they shut both sides of the West Side Highway to prove a point!  Their signs read “Close the Camps” and “Abolish ICE.”

The protesters sat in the middle of the roads with arms locked and stopping all traffic for both directions.  One of the protesters told reporters, “We are protesting the camps at the border and the children being separated from their parents. The protest location was chosen because ICE has offices nearby.  ICE has offices in that building on the seventh floor, that is why we chose this particular intersection.”

Another protester stated, “I am absolutely infuriated by children being broken up and split from their families as our government detains people rounded up all these immigrants last week.”

The highway was shut down for about an hour as protesters gathered and local law enforcement dispersed the crowds.  By the time it was all over, there were almost 100 protesters arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.  New York City took to social media and posted this announcement, “Due to protest, all lanes of the West Side Highway are closed at West 26th Street in both directions in Manhattan. Consider alt routes.”

An hour later they posted as police were wrapping up the arrest, “Due to police activity, expect road closures and a heavy presence of emergency personnel at 12th Avenue and West 22nd Street in Manhattan. The closure at West Side Highway and West 26th Street has reopened. Consider alt routes.”

What these idiots do not realize is all this complaining they are doing with the unsanitary conditions, the crying over splitting up families, and the treatment of immigrants all began with the Obama administration, and anyone can look it up.  It is a fact!  Everyone wants to blame President Trump, but they do not realize he is the one who is cleaning up all this mess.

Either way, whether they say it is Obama or Trump, the fact of the matter is, if the migrants would come over legally and work toward becoming citizens of the United States of America legally, then none of us would be having this conversation.  These people put it upon themselves knowing the risk they were taking, and they are breaking the law.  That is the bottom line!

Protesters decided to pull this crazy stunt when ICE raided a processing plant in Mississippi, detaining over 600 illegal immigrants.  They do not realize they are supporting criminal activity.

The snowflakes only see a chance to cry on tv and say how their feelings and the feelings of the illegal immigrants are the only things that matter.  The cold hard truth of the matter is, none of those feelings matter.

They broke the law for coming into this country with the intent to not become citizens, and the protesters broke the law by shutting down a major highway, so both parties are idiots.  But snowflakes only care about their feelings getting hurt or being offended, right?