America: Cold Shoulders to “Made In China”

It’s sad how it took a pandemic from China to wake people up to American made products. Now people know the coronavirus came from China, so they are giving China the cold shoulder on their products. No one in their right minds would want to support someone who is trying to kill us all. Well, the Democrats would. Between America and China, no Cold War is happening yet. Still, Americans are giving China the cold shoulder when they see “Made in China.”

Now that America is in its third month of the COVID-19 pandemic, a poll was taken where 40 percent of Americans stated they refuse to buy anything from China. As for other countries listed in the survey, 22 percent will not buy from India, 17 percent will not purchase Mexico products, and 12 percent will not buy anything from Europe.

The recent trade deal between America and China has taken a back seat as a whopping 55 percent of Americans no longer trust China in the trade deal. President Trump is all about exposing the truth to the American people. One can realize, he made his point even though some are still in denial.

Here are the new outstanding numbers following the outbreak of COVID-19. There is 78 percent of Americans willing to pay more money if the factories would remove themselves from China and come back to America. To boost the American economy, 66 percent are all for raising restrictions on imported goods to keep everything made in America.

For the most part, before this pandemic, Americans would rather have paid less than to spend a little more to keep everything at home. The reason everything is cheaper when imported is due to the manufacturers running sweatshops for cheap labor.

Before Trump became President, he had been telling everyone in interviews how many billions of dollars America was losing by having all of our products made overseas and no little to no tariffs. People agreed and cheered him on until he announced he was running for President of the United States. Then he was scoffed and ridiculed every step of the way.

It took this pandemic to wake people up to the fact our supply chain is running very thin because the great and all-powerful United States of America relied on other countries. Now the shoulders are turning cold to other nations’ products because of the scary sight of empty shelves.

Everything President Trump said and has fought for has come full circle and has come to pass. It truly is sad because if the dummies had listened to Trump and let him do what is best for America, we would not be suffering half as bad as we are now in the economy, which plummeted almost overnight.

Since the beginning of Trump’s campaign, he stated the importance of protecting the borders and building a wall. Who fought against him? The Democrats. Who fought to keep manufacturers overseas? The Democrats. And who fought the President every step of the way, slowing down progress? The Democrats.

There is no telling how much stronger America would have been if the Democrats would have just shut up and worked together with the President and the GOP. Even now, they still stand in the way of getting this country back up and running.

We experienced the most excellent economy this country has ever seen. When the economy comes back stronger than before, there will be no doubt left in anyone’s mind who made it happen. President Trump will get the job done, and China will pay in more than one way.

There is no doubt if any Democrat would win the election, China would walk away unscathed. Chad Brown, an expert on trade at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, stated, “Foreigners are an all too easy political target in normal times. But once they become unpopular, politics can turn dangerous, as they turn into policy. As candidates compete over who can adopt a more extreme stance toward China between now and November, their post-election policies toward Beijing are increasingly being set in stone.”

There is no desire to start a war with China overall, they have done to the world by releasing the virus. President Trump was asked in an interview what America can do? He responded, “There are many things we could do, we could cut off the whole relationship.” We are America, the cold shoulders can linger on with those who cross us.