AOC Faces Lawsuit Regarding Blocked Twitter Accounts

Ocasio-Cortez is being sued by Dov Hikind because she has been blocking Twitter users. She has been blocking them because they have different viewpoints than she does.

The Demented Democrats will stop at nothing to silence those that have alternative viewpoints. One can only wonder how far they will go to silence people that are speaking out against them.

Cortez has already seen to it that the mini-AOC eight-year-old star was threatened with her life for posting videos mocking the terrorist AOC member. Well, now she is finally going to have to pay for it.

The AOC and the Democrats are not above the law, and they will pay for it all in court. One can only wonder how many more lawsuits are going to be filed against the morons.

Most Democratic Party followers turn violent when their views are opposed. The internet is full of examples of protestors turning on people and rioting because their precious Democratic views are under attack.

In every single example, the liberal left fails to support their idiotic views so they have only one recourse and that is to turn to violence in an attempt to force their opposition into silence. Even if that means putting them under the threat of death.

Wormy Cortez uses her Twitter account to publicize things that she is doing politically. People have been free to voice their opinion but only if they agree with her. Opponents are being blocked at every turn so their voice is not heard.

Crazy Cortez would like nothing more than to rip the right of freedom of expression and speech from the American people that do not agree with her. This is nothing short than what Hitler had done during his brief reign of terror. People that spoke out against him were put to death or placed in the concentration camps.

Crazy Cortez blocks people that are able to prove her wrong on her symbolically evil ideas. Every person that confronts her lies is either threatened or blocked. She is an infidel that cannot debate anyone based on fact. She has to debate the threat of force. Now she has met her match, and she will pay for it in court. One can only hope that she prosecuted and is ordered to spend some time in jail to give her a new perspective on life.

In one comment her voice was made fun of, and she threw a major fit in the response and ended up blocking the person that made the comment. Cortez is a big baby that cries when someone looks at her weird or does not give her what she wants.

Corrupt Cortez is going to be facing some pretty awful lawsuits in the coming days. More people are stepping up and claiming she has blocked their right to free speech and the right to express their views. One person stated that “I’m suing AOC because we need to be able to have a strong and vigorous debate between the parties, otherwise our fragile system of ideas and representation breaks down. Though she is not in a position of power, she is the voice of her generation of Democrat voters, and bigger than some Presidential candidates.”

In recent court cases, it has been determined that Twitter accounts used for political information cannot block the accounts of users that have alternative and opposing views. Cortez is sure to put up a fight, and she will lose badly.

This is the beginning of the end for Cortez. She has lived her life thinking she is above the law and now she is about to find out what law is all about.

It is a bit of irony that now she has to use the services of the very law enforcement officers that she has made fun of in recent months.

One lesson that she should learn from all of this is to keep her big mouth shut when she has nothing truthful to say. Better yet, she should never speak again and so her crazy ideas never plague America again.

Cortez will stop at nothing to silence the surrounding people. One can only imagine who else has had to secretly suffer because of her.