Army Chief of Staff Exposes the Truth About Russia’s Hypersonic Missiles

Russia has always tried to outperform the United States economically and by its military. They constantly test American patience and resolve by flying their plans and sailing their ships close to American forces. Every time that they have tried to outperform America they have failed miserably. This past week brought another one of their failures to the surface when they announced their ability to launch “invincible” weapons.

The American military has put out that they are not even concerned about Russia’s new weapon. Their new missiles have yet to be seen. Chief of Staff General James McConville was asked if these new systems were “game-changing.” And his reply is typical of how all Americans feel “No, I don’t.” This provides insight into the power and strength of the United States Military.

McConville also stated that “I have not seen them actually hit a target with that system, and I know where our [hypersonic] technology is, and I’m very comfortable with where our technology’s going and with the speed it’s going, so I don’t see it as game-changing yet.” Russia has not even tested its new system. They are trying to install fear into the world before they have ever even tested the system. They are setting themselves up for failure.

The initial announcement was made on December 27th right before the new year. Vladimir Putin was trying to upset the world right before the New Year. They claimed to be able to launch intercontinental missiles around the globe at hypersonic speed. Russia was supposed to working with the United States to lower the number of nuclear weapons. But they have only been increasing them. They are in the same class as North Korea and Iran.

Russia has always sought to destroy key targets of the West. They have always hated the fact that America has key installations in various countries around the world. Russia’s acclaimed new system would be used to target those installations. Most of what Russia has been doing is posturing against other nations. They want people to fear them. But people are not having a problem with their new weapon system.

In order for the weapon to be considered hypersonic must be able to travel at speeds greater than Mack 5. Russia has boasted that their threats should be taken seriously as they claim that Avangard, as it is called, can fly at speeds of Mach 27. Their boasting sounds like something that the Democrats like to do when they are ready to attack the Republicans with false claims.

Putin stated that “Today we have a unique situation in our new and recent history, They try to catch up with us. Not a single country possesses hypersonic weapons, let alone continental-range hypersonic weapons.” Putin thinks that he has the lead on speed. But the United States has secret aircraft that flies extremely fast. They are so top secret that they are mysterious.

The only thing that will change will be how the United States responds to the new weapon. McConville stated that “The capability is not game-changing and does not alter the strategic balance between the United States and Russia, but it does have strategic implications.” The truth is that the U.S. Military will have change a few things to deal with Russia’s baby toys.

Putin is the person that likes to boast about new weapons. He boasts about them even in they never hit anything. He simply seeks the improvement of the system. He has bought into his self-rhetoric. He believes in his propaganda. They sorry soul needs a reality check from President Trump.

The president has stated that “Our missiles are big, powerful, accurate, lethal and fast. Under construction are many hypersonic missiles.” What he just alluded to is that America is already building such weapons. There is no need to worry about rustic Russia. They live in the past as many of their people are starved to the point that they live in the most horrible condition.