Attorney General Goes for De Blasio’s Jugular…the Mayor Could Lose Everything

New York City would be better off if Mayor Bill de Blasio were no longer in charge. The terrorist protestors have rattled the city that people are scared to venture out into the streets. De Blasio has blasted the police and defunded them to the point that they are no longer able to do their job to serve and protect people.

But the maniac mayor has praised and emboldened the would-be killers by making statements of acceptance and even giving them what they want. But now people are sick and tired of the mayor’s reckless actions and are demanding a change.

Letitia James is New York’s state attorney. She is pushing to the notion that de Blasio needs to lose his authority as it relates to the police force. She stated that “I believe we need to bridge the undeniable divide between police and public.”

Something that de Blasio fails to do. He only dogs the police and insults them. He places the blame for all the trouble on their shoulders. The real problem lies in the arms of the mayor that fully support anarchy and public crucifixions.

James wants to see an independent panel appoint the police commissioner for the city. The mayor should not have this right. The police commissioner would have the right to oversee the police force and not the trollish mayor.

This battle of control is one that is long fought between James and de Blasio. The moronic mayor just likes to have the power to disrupt people’s lives.

Freddi Goldstein, who is a de Blasio convert, supports the mayor and stated that “While we thank the attorney general for her investigation and look forward to reviewing the report in full and working together to further reform policing in this city, we do not believe creating a commission to oversee the NYPD does that.”

The brainwashed Goldstein echoes the socialist’s desire to destroy the authority of the police force in New York. De Blasio has screwed up so much that his twin brother of hatred, Andrew Cuomo, blasted the mayor for all the violence taking place in the city.

De Blasio rules the city out of hatred like Cuomo rules the state of New York. The mayor is egging on the president by having the words “Black Lives Matter” paint across from one of the president’s buildings. Dirty politics is the mark of de Blasio.

Any way that he can cut into the heart of the people he hates; he is bound to take. De Blasio’s plan to defund the police punishes all the officers instead of the ones that need to be fired for their reckless actions.

Such instances include one police officer pushing a woman to the ground so hard that she injures her head. Another officer pulled a mask down of a protestor and pepper-sprayed them. Not all officers are perfect and some need to be fired.

But that should be in the hands of the police commissioner and not the mayor. Instead of dealing with each instance, he would rather scrap the entire police force.

Lee Zeldin is a Republican in New York and has stated that the childish mayor needs to go. Zeldin stated that “This is a tale of two cities. You have the direction that New York City can be filled with opportunity, it can be filled with law and order, safety and security, peace and prosperity — or it’ll be this direction that Bill de Blasio is taking it down, which is chaos and lawlessness and poverty and a lack of opportunity.”

De Blasio has fired back and only passed the blame of his actions on to the court system. He also stated that the blame is on the police as he points out that “the NYPD continues to move resources where they are needed and come up with new strategies. It is different from past years because we’re dealing with a much greater challenge. But we will beat it.”

He just cannot accept the truth that his awkward support of the protestors has only added to the problem. He needs to go and a man like President Trump needs to sit in the mayor’s office.