Baltimore Youth Snub First Lady at Summit

Melania Trump has worked tirelessly to improve the nation and while many are appreciative of her efforts, there are others who are not super complimentary of the First Lady. She’s been called a “sex worker” by some and even a “porn star”. You would think that people would learn to have a bit of respect but apparently not. When she took her “Be Best” initiative to some children, she never could have expected what would happen next.

She is looking to raise awareness about the national opioid crisis and this is a worthy cause, for sure. We wish that everyone took it as seriously as we do. Melania wanted to speak to the youth that were in attendance at the summit but they were having none of it. Can you believe that they actually heckled her for a minute straight?

This is the sort of thing that makes us wonder where we are headed as a nation. Is there any hope for positive discourse anymore? We understand that people often disagree about certain aspects of society but that should not keep us from peacefully coexisting. The audience did not even let up once the initial heckling was done.

They would not even allow Melania to get into the rest of her comments. Any time she looked to speak, they would simply jeer over her. The B’More Youth Summit attendees did not want her to get a word in edgewise. Instead, they continued to act as if her speech did not matter. She was there to speak out about a topic that was near and dear to her heart but they did not care one iota.

You might have expected Melania to get frustrated and storm off the stage. She was not going to let these kids ruffle her feathers, though. Melania pressed on. She wanted the students to know that she had their backs, that she understood their pain. They were too caught up in appearances to care about her message and wanted to showcase their ignorance.

This is unfortunate because these kids could have learned a lot from this speech. Melania was diplomatic about what had taken place when she spoke to CNN after the incident took place. She acknowledges that we reside in a democratic nation and that everyone has the right to their own opinion. This is all well and good but we cannot believe that she was able to turn the other cheek so easily.

It definitely goes against the common conceptions about the Trump family. They are portrayed as impetuous monsters who do not think of anyone else’s feelings. This story should serve as a prime example to those who want to slander the Trumps and paint them as something that they are not. The consequences of drug abuse are certainly not going to solve themselves.

Melania’s efforts have been thwarted every step of the way. Protesters even decided to show up while she was at the Boston Medical Center. The protesters who were on hand did not even care what she was there. They just wanted to whine and complain about the actions of her husband for the 100th time. What did they even gain from these actions?

Instead of assisting her with the initiative and helping children to avoid the consequences associated with opioid abuse, they would rather impede her. We cannot understand this mindset. Disagreeing with someone’s political stances is all well and good but why would you do so at the expense of the children? Now, these kids are being taught that it is okay to heckle someone who is giving a helpful speech.

These kids are not going to learn anything that way. Instead, they are parroting the same nonsense that their parents trot out without ever taking a moment to think for themselves. While Donald Trump is certainly no stranger to being booed, this is actually the first time that Melania has found herself on the receiving end of heckling at a public event.

We hope that this does not become the norm but who knows these days? Once someone has laid down the gauntlet like this, it only seems to encourage others to behave in a rather deplorable way. If a precedent like this one has been established, guess what? We are not headed in a positive direction as a nation.

It is time for people to learn how to express themselves in a more civilized manner. In the meantime, let’s hope that Melania is able to take her message to the people without having to deal with all the heckling and jeering that took place at this particular summit.