Biden’s Shadow Presidency Oversteps Its Bounds…GSA Refuses to Fund His Illegal Activities

Joe Biden has taken it upon himself to play the role of President-Elect. He’s holding briefings that don’t count for anything, phoning world leaders like they’re old buds, and for the most part, running a shadow government behind Trump’s back. This is, of course, with Obama coaching him on what to say and do as #44 settles into his unofficial third term.

The law is clear. There is but one sitting president at any one given time. To undermine democracy with a shadow presidency is not only illegal, but it also disrupts the current administration’s policies and procedures, and it jeopardizes America’s credibility among its allies.

But the Democrats don’t care about this. They’re pushing ahead like they own the world. Ever since Harry Truman reigned supreme, briefings were given to incoming presidents-elect. JFK was the first president-elect to receive upfront funding to get the ball rolling. But privileges of this nature were only bestowed once they were officially declared the winners, and not one second prior.

As a reminder, it was the Democrats who blocked the Bush transition teams funding until late December, so the goose/gander thing is evident. With the shoe now being on the other foot, and with nowhere else to turn, the Dems are pressuring a poor civil-worker at the GSA, Emily Murphy, to release premature funds to the Biden team.

The New York Times’ printed the headline, “How Emily Murphy Stands Between Biden’s Team.” Bloomberg joined in with “Who Is the GSA’s Emily Murphy, Trump Appointee Holding Up Biden Transition.” And the notoriously fake Washington Post wrote, “Trump Appointee at GSA Declines to Sign Letter Authorizing Biden Transition.”

The media was responsible for setting off a barrage of lynch-mob type threats against Murphy. It was suddenly all this scapegoats fault. “She could release those funds if she really wanted to,” they shouted. It isn’t quite that easy.

It was David Barrom, a high-dollar donator to every Clinton campaign since 1992, who turned down funding for Bush/Cheney following the 2000 election when he served as the head of the GSA. Oddly, Barrom caught zero static as Bush went about funding his own transition. This is how it worked anyway until the Presidential Transition Act was passed in 1963. Bush shrugged it off and went old school.

The media recently contacted Barrom in hopes he would help talk some sense into the GSA, but he refused by saying,  “First off, all these media outlets who call the election have called it for Joe Biden, I think the winner is pretty clear.” He added, “With legal action being pursued by both sides, it is not apparent to me who the winner is. Congress made it perfectly clear that if there is ‘any question’ of who the winner is ‘in a close contest’ this determination should not be made.”

Beth Newberger, a GSA spokeswoman, made the GSA’s standing abundantly clear. “Until the results are clear, and as long as both sides are going to court, the results are not clear yet,” she stated.

Somehow, the American public has come to accept that media outlets choose presidents. They do not.

As is their hypocritical habit, this is the exact same media that arbitrarily suggested Florida had tossed every last Gore vote in the dumpster. They called Secretary of State Katherine Harris a racist and accused Jeb Bush of single-handily rigging the entire election for his brother. Yeah. Them.

My how things change. Now they’re firing their viewers up with lies about how this hubbub over voter fraud is fake, dangerous, and upsetting the constitutional exchange of power. There’s a coup going on. Trump’s about to claim his dictatorship. They’re all soaking it.

But in the words of Democrat Rep. Dante Fascell, who sponsored the Presidential Transition Act, “If the Administrator had any question in his mind, he simply would not make any designation in order to make the services available as provided by the Act. If as an intelligent human being and he has a doubt, he would not act until a decision has been made in the electoral college or in the Congress.”

So the Democrats choosing to verbally abuse the head of the GSA as if she’s part of some crazy political coup is ironically complaining about a law that they enacted. And the media is too stupid to see it.

Fascell said the Presidential Transition Act was abundantly clear. The GSA administrator will not take any personal initiative in a disputed election. There is to be no transition until all disputes surrounding a presidential election have been satisfied. Period.

Keep counting those votes…