Biden’s So Focused on the Red States He’s Forgetting About the Blue Ones

The Democrats are lying to themselves again. They believe that if Biden can win just one of the battleground states that he’ll clinch the entire presidency. Yet, just as they can’t balance a budget, their math on Electoral College votes aren’t adding up.

Biden’s trying to win Georgia, Florida, and Texas – states that have typically gone red. While he may very well win Georgia, that won’t be enough for him to win – especially when there’s a very good chance that he’ll lose some of the states that have been traditionally blue.

That’s the problem with the Dems. They forget to look at the big picture. Biden just wants to flip one of the states from red to blue. Meanwhile, Trump wants to flip all of the blue states to red ones and keep the red states red. Trump is a strategist and he knows how to play the game well.

Biden has a bigger ego than the liberal media wants to admit. He thinks that he’s got a lot of states in the bag already. Actually, he’s such an egotist that he thinks he’s got a chance at converting Texas, which will never happen. He assumes he’s got Pennsylvania in the bag…though that’s not necessarily the truth.

Nothing is guaranteed until all of the votes come in. The liberal media frenzy is telling everyone to watch for the counts coming in on Election Day – but we already know that it could take weeks to get accurate numbers.

Pennsylvania is responsible for providing 20 electoral votes. Biden’s not holding the major lead that he’s holding in other states. The state is also notorious for not being an early voting state. It means that people are still waiting to cast – and since Biden isn’t doing much campaigning, they could easily be swayed to cast a vote for Trump.

Pennsylvania is also one of the original colony states. They have a lot of history found across Philadelphia and beyond. They’ve watched Dems tear apart that history over the past year – and they’ve watched as Republicans have worked to preserve that history. If Biden doesn’t think that will affect him in the polls, he’s kidding himself and the entire Democratic Party.

There’s also a lot to be said about the integrity of the polls. They’ve been off for quite some time – showing impressive leads for Biden in states where that’s not going to happen. In Pennsylvania, the polls only show Biden leading by 4.9 percent. That’s not a dramatic lead – and one that could allow Trump to take the lead without much effort.

If Biden loses Pennsylvania but wins Georgia, it isn’t going to help him win the presidency. That’s the issue – Biden keeps saying that if he can win Georgia, he’s won the whole thing – and he’s wrong. If he loses Pennsylvania, he’s going to end up being the underdog. Georgia only has 16 electoral votes – four short of what he’d need just to stay even with the loss in Pennsylvania.

There’s another issue that Biden and the rest of the liberals keep forgetting about – the independent vote. Many of the polls provide a choice between Biden, Trump, and undecided. What about Jo Jorgensen? Kanye West? All of the other parties? While they’re not usually the ones to get a lot of votes, there are those voters who absolutely don’t want Trump but don’t want to blindly vote blue no matter who. It means that they’ll give their vote to Jorgensen or one of the other names on the ballot. And when those votes don’t go to Biden, it can be enough to ensure Trump keeps certain states red where they belong.

Biden’s relying too heavily on the polls instead of all of the other information. As he focuses on turning battleground states blue, other states are turning red as they’re tired and frustrated with Democratic leadership or the lack thereof.