Bill De Blasio Spends Millions Of Taxpayer Dollars To Ditch The Homeless

New York City has been known to do some shady dealings over the years. Bill de Blasio, in particular, has been running a secret program that has helped him to “deal” with the homeless problem that has been plaguing the city for decades. In a way to prove that he is the shadiest Democrat of them all, he chose to spread the problem all across the country.

Thousands of homeless people were sent out of New York City in order to help the public assistance program. Why should New York City continue to spend all of this money on homeless individuals when the easiest solution would be to simply send them out of the city? According to de Blasio, this was the best way to deal with the problem – and taxpayers funded the program.

Enter “Special One-Time Assistance Program.”

This is a top-secret Department of Homeless Services program that was funded by the taxpayers of New York City. $89 million was spent to send 12,482 homeless individuals out of the city. The money was to be spent on transportation, home furnishings, and a years’ worth of rent. The only catch was that they had to move out of the city. Approximately $41,000 was spent on every family.

The biggest problem with this program is not that the city gave them money. It is that de Blasio didn’t even bother to give the other mayors around the country a heads up. Now, hundreds of towns across the country are dealing with the ramifications. The biggest worry is that these newly acquired individuals are going to need public assistance – public assistance that can be extremely expensive.

One family moved to Honolulu with the money. Democratic state representative John Mizuno of Hawaii learned of this and is worried that they will not be able to handle countless homeless people “being dumped here” if New York continues the practice.

He identified that who whine residents have serious concerns about the “illegal program” and he is asking that the agency conducts a legal review and investigation. They don’t want to deal with a tragic situation that could be significantly exasperated.

Politicians and who why aren’t the only ones worried. Andre Wallace, the Democratic mayor of Mount Vernon, New York is demanding that de Blasio take his residence back. He’s not allowing New York City to bully him and his city. He identifies, “our town is not standing for it.”

$89 million could have been spent in a number of different ways. This includes building homeless shelters, providing on-the-job training, and helping to support the homeless so that they are no longer homeless.

This would have been the best way to do things rather than providing a one-time handout that was only going to create the never-ending cycle. However, de Blasio wasn’t looking at the fallout because it wasn’t going to impact him. They would be long gone out of New York City before the one year of rent ran out. He has chosen to wipe his hands of it, yet another Democratic move.

If de Blasio thinks that he has handled the situation, he has another thing coming for him. Mayors are more than angry because of the way the NYC mayor has upon his problems out on the rest of America.

New York City has more money to deal with public assistance than many of the other towns across the United States. Additionally, mayors would have liked to get a heads up – so it’s no surprise that this was a top-secret program. Otherwise, there would have been a lot of blowback as people argued that it wasn’t the right thing to do.

However, the Department of Homeless Services has defended its actions. They have thrown hate back toward the mayors, saying such things as using language such as “dumping ground” and “export” is offensive when referring to human beings who are searching for housing and trying to get back on their feet.

The only problem is that DHS hasn’t actually helped people to find housing or get back on their feet. They created a temporary problem in order to get them out of their city – and mayors want to know what New York City is going to do about it.

It’s a good thing that de Blasio had no choice but to get out of the running for the Democratic presidential primaries. The last thing the country needs is another shady Democrat in the White House.

In the meantime, mayors around the country are waiting for de Blasio to do the right thing and collect their homeless residents. However, they may be waiting for quite some time.