Bill De Blasio Under Attack by the Irritated Police

There is no doubt that the Democrats hate the police. They see them as the enemy, and they have tried to keep them from being able to do their jobs.

They hate all law enforcement officers. Not just the ones at the border or that patrol the streets. They hate them all. Their speeches and their actions prove that they just do not want them protecting the innocent. In essence, they support criminals.

Mayor De Blasio has declared war on the police of New York. He has repeatedly spoken out against them. So much so that the rhetoric that is passing through the liberal media is fueling the public hatred of the police.

The latest act of violence came at the hands of one man that deliberately targeted police. He shot two cops in a van and then marched over to the police station and shot up the unit. And the whole time the mayor continues his rant against the very ones that keep him safe.

New York City’s Sergeants Benevolent Association is standing against the mayor. De Blasio has kept the police from enforcing laws and even cooperating with ICE in recent days. De Blasio has done all of this because hates Trump and loves to create trouble.

The SBA has lost all respect for the mayor. They are tired of his speeches against the police. De Blasio can take the credit for inciting riots and attacks against law enforcement with the way that he speaks about them. The leaders of the SBA are telling him not to visit the officers that were injured in the most recent attacks. It would just insult them if he showed up.

The SBA has totally blasted the mayor as they have rightly stated “Mayor DeBlasio, the members of the NYPD are declaring war on you! We do not respect you, DO NOT visit us in hospitals. You sold the NYPD to the vile creatures, the 1% who hate cops but vote for you. NYPD cops have been assassinated because of you. This isn’t over, Game on!”

The police have had enough, and they are starting to fight back against the ridiculous attacks from the Democrats. The danger that the Democrats have brought into New York is just appalling. Since they have made the city a sanctuary city they have personally invited all the criminal scum of the world to come and live there. They have opened the boundaries of the city to crime and police hatred.

De Blasio is standing in the way of law enforcement taking illegal criminals off the streets. The war that is ragging is not just between criminals and the police. But they are fighting a war on two fronts as they stand against the Democrats.

The SBA also stated that “Police are being targeted. The anti-cop tone infecting our city & state is causing bloodshed. Before any public official sends their thoughts & prayers, they should ask themselves how the language & behavior they’ve been tolerating has contributed to violence against police.”

People are being told by the Democrats that it is ok to kill cops and not cooperate with law enforcement because they will support them. The Democrats have opened the playing field by protecting the criminals. When people premeditate attacks against the police there has been a definite shift in support away from the police force.

The police that patrol the streets of New York have been warned to look out for each other. In a way, they have been told to fear to come to work because they will be attacked at some point.

The Democrats have no remorse for the things that they have done. De Blasio sits in his office and gloats like a goat at the trouble that he has created for the men and women of the New York Police Department.

In a laughable statement from the mayor’s office, the mentioned that De Blasio is committed to protecting the community. His double-tongue rhetoric is nothing more than painful lies in the ears of the people.