Black Lives Matter Killing People of all Colors

The late-night protests to demonstrate that a certain group of lives matter is more than meets the eye. The cries of agony and hatred toward all law enforcement are nothing more than a smokescreen covering the true motive behind the violence that is ripping through the country.

The people that riot doesn’t care about the man killed by police any longer. Their actions tell a different story of crime and corruption. The motive behind the riots has moved to anti-American flare as people loot and kill without a second thought.

If Black Lives matter so much, then why have the protestors killed several African American police officers over the past few days. David Dorn was a retired St. Louis Police Captain. He was killed defending the shop of a private citizen.

He was killed by people claiming to be protestors, but they were looters looking to make a few dollars they did not earn. The killers saw his “color” and did not think twice about killing him. It is no longer about saving lives. The protests are about the greed and hypocrisy of the liberals of America.

For 40 years Dorn gave his service to the community and the country he loved. Only to be killed by the very ones that he protected. He was shot by the armed protestors while defending a business that people in the city depend on for income in times of emergencies.

The business belonged to a friend of his, so it would seem that he was killed for just being nice. Brian Powell is Dorn’s son and he stated that “The fact that he was protecting and serving, this is the way, I feel in my heart of hearts, that he would have liked to leave this earth.”

Dorn was an African American. So, it stands to reason that he would have been the last one to be attacked given the premise of the protests. Powell pointed out that “It was senseless, it was senseless. Over TVs and stuff that’s replaceable.

They’re forgetting the real message of the protest and the positiveness that’s supposed to come out of it. And we get this negative light shown on a situation that really needs light to be brought to it.”

The death of George Floyd was senseless and should have never happened at the hands of trained law enforcement officers. And now Dorn joins the ranks of the fallen at the hands of the very ones that were protesting Floyd’s death.

The violence that has spread throughout the nation is senseless as it never has been about injustice. The Democrats are promoting through their biased media that the “white” man is still enslaving the “colored man.” Everyone has some kind of color to them. It makes them no less human than the next person.

The irony of Dorn’s death is found in what his former Police Chief, Tim Fitch, would say that he was “‘was very dedicated to youth, especially disadvantaged youth’ and that he ‘wanted to be a role model” for young people seeking to enter the police force.”

This man was a disadvantaged man of color that believed in the American dream and made something out of is life. He dedicated his life to be an inspiration for others to be something more than what society dictates for them. But the rioters took that dream away from him.

The protests are being pushed by the liberals and the Democrats to destroy what President Trump has built for all the Floyd’s and Dorn’s living in America. After Dorn was shot the greedy mob took out the business.

The mob then left the injured man to die guarding a looted business. The police are looking for the killers and are offering a big reward to bring the criminals to justice. What happened to Dorn and many other brave souls around the country is not what Floyd or any other person would want to have happened.

President Trump has vowed to put a stop to the violence if the Democratic governors fail to do it themselves. He will not let terrorists destroy what the Founding Fathers died to build for future generations. America will continue to be the greatest nation on earth.