Bloomberg Ad Attacks Bernie Bros

According to many pundits, the 2020 race for the Democratic presidential nomination is shaping up to be a contest between Mike Bloomberg and Bernie Sanders, with perhaps Pete Buttigieg on the side.

In other words, the Democrats will have a choice between a narcissistic billionaire who has expressed contempt for women, minorities, and virtually everyone else outside the five boroughs of New York City and a “democratic socialist.”

Bloomberg seems to realize that Bernie is his chief rival, which is why he has rolled out an ad that attacks the socialist from Vermont’s unsocialized male supporters, known collectively as the Bernie bros.

According to the New York Post, the ad starts with a photoshopped picture of Bernie Sanders aiming a pistol with the caption reading, “I am no longer asking.” The images that follow get more frightening from there, along with ominous music.

“You’re making a big mistake Fred. Vote Bernie or bad things will happen,” read one. “Love how you broke the system. We know where you live. Where you work. Where you eat. We know where your kids go to school/grandkids. We have everything on you,” continued another. “You made a bad choice. Prepare for hell. Calls won’t stop.”

The images continue in that vein with threatening tweets and messages as well as newspaper articles decrying the hardball tactics and violent tendencies of the so-called “Bernie bros.” The ad ends with Bernie Sanders calling for more civility in politics, implying that he is ignoring the incivility in his own house.

Bloomberg is striking at what he thinks is a weak spot for Bernie Sanders, aside from his crazy socialist ideology. Too many of his supporters, especially young, white males, have all the civility and reasonableness of the Chinese Red Guards from the 1960s Cultural Revolution.

Jessica Tarlov, who works for Bustle and is a Fox News contributor, set down the problem in a recent article in The Hill. She accused Bernie bros of attacking other liberals who deviate even an angstrom from Sanders orthodoxy.

“Policy-oriented discussions about the advantages and disadvantages of “Medicare for all” versus ObamaCare are impossible. Don’t think billionaires are all bad? Unacceptable. Think there are some wars worth fighting? You’re a neocon in liberal clothing (clothing that probably costs too much, by the way). Concerned about the feasibility of implementing the Green New Deal? You’re just as bad as the Republicans.”

Thus far Bernie’s pleading to his supporters to play nice has fallen on deaf ears. When the Culinary Workers Union in Nevada expressed doubts about Medicare for All, a spokeswoman for the organization received vulgar, invective calls in which the “F word” was used liberally. “This type of behavior from Sanders’s supporters is not the stuff that wins elections.”

Bloomberg has thus far declined to use some of the more pungent footage obtained by Operation Veritas of Bernie staffers calling for the return of the guillotine or the establishment of an American Gulag. But such material is certainly available if the message that Sanders has a lot of frightening, unruly supporters has not been sufficiently received.

Bloomberg is rising in the polls, thanks to his carpet bombing of the airwaves and social media of his ads touting his message. One poll has him tied with Bernie in Virginia. Another has Bloomberg in second place in California. Bloomberg has been approved to attend the next debate in Nevada thanks to his poll numbers.

In the meantime, both Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden, whose campaigns are fading, have joined in the pile on the Bernie bros, according to Hot Air, solemnly stated that “We do not build on a foundation of hate.”

Biden added that the attacks on the Culinary Workers Union were “vicious, malicious, misogynistic.” Biden went on to suggest that Bernie needs to root out his supporters who engage in this sort of behavior and, if they work for him, fire them.

That’s pretty rough stuff for a candidate who is not named Donald Trump. Hot Air opines that Bernie has brought the problem on himself by running with the rhetoric of revolution. Too many people take that word literally, with the result that some like using the sort of tactics more common in Cuba or Venezuela and not the United States. The consensus is that the violent rhetoric of the Bernie bros will likely be Bernie’s undoing.