Bloomberg Says he Bought House Democrats Who Flipped the House in 2018

Mike Bloomberg, the billionaire publisher and former mayor of New York, had two jobs when he entered the South Carolina Democratic debate. First, he had to repair the subpar performance he turned in during the Nevada debate. Second, he had to take on Bernie Sanders in the ultimate capitalist vs. socialist smackdown.

Whatever hopes Bloomberg harbored of accomplishing either task were dashed when he committed the kind of inside politics gaffe in which he told a truth that was inconvenient to his candidacy for president of the United States.

Ryan Saavedra, a reporter for the Daily Wire, quotes Bloomberg’s gaffe on Twitter.

“Let’s just go on the record. They talk about 40 Democrats, 21 of those were people that I spent $100 million to help elect. All of the new Democrats that came in, put Pelosi in charge, and gave the Congress the ability to control this president, I bought – I got them”

Bloomberg was right the first time. His SuperPAC ran ads in support of and he contributed directly to the campaigns of Democrats who managed to flip a number of Republican seats to the Democratic side, thus handing the House to the tender mercies of Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

One commercial that Bloomberg aired in support of a Democratic candidate named Lizzie Fletcher poked fun at then Rep. John Culberson’s support of a mission to Jupiter’s moon Europa. The catchphrase in the commercial was that Lizzie Fletcher was “down to Earth.” The commercial helped put Fletcher over the top but came as a shock to the scientific community. It gave Fletcher the reputation of a Middle School mean girl who dumps on the science nerds.

Democrats are complaining that Bloomberg is trying to buy the election by spending hundreds of millions of dollars to carpet bomb the airwaves and social media with ads touting what an awesome person he is. The latest ad has a number of female employees touting what a wonderful boss Bloomberg is, no doubt to counteract all of those stories of him telling pregnant women who worked for him to “kill it.”

Hot Air has an interesting point about Bloomy and his money.

“Gee, no one was complaining about his billionaire money back in 2018! The argument now might even be that Bloomberg’s not so much buying the nomination as he is protecting his investment. Bloomy didn’t spend all that money just to see Democrats throw it away by nominating an old socialist crank that will flip all those seats back to the GOP after just two years.”

Hot Air goes on to suggest that if Bernie Sanders is the Democratic nominee, Bloomberg should come right out and threaten that the Democrats cannot expect any support from him. Ironically, Bernie has already eschewed any support from any billionaire. All of the other candidates would welcome being bought by Bloomberg so long as they can keep their distance from him.

Hot Air also notes that Bloomberg is starting to lose some poll numbers in the wake of his two subpar debate performances. This provides the Democrats with a conundrum. If Bloomberg beats Bernie, that would be alright for the movers and shakers in the back rooms of the Democratic Party. If Bloomberg collapses altogether, that would be ok as well so long as he gives Biden enough room to recover and go on to edge Sanders out.

However, the nightmare scenario for the Democratic Party, according to the Hot Air analysis, is that Bloomy stays in, buoyed by his money, but only doing well enough to sap support from Biden. Then Bernie has a clear path to win the nomination and then go on to lead the Democrats off the cliff in November.

The suggestion that Hot Air has for Bloomberg would be for him to withdraw from the race after Super Tuesday and throw all of his support to Biden. Instead, he is likely to stay in with the hope that no one gets the majority he or she needs to win, causing a brokered convention. Then Bloomy’s money and influence could come into play to deny Bernie Sanders the nomination.

President Trump is already taunting Bernie Sanders via Twitter that the Democrats are scheming to cheat him out of the nomination. If that happens, Bernie’s supporters will explode in wrath, possibly riot. The outcome in November is obvious and would be the result of Bloomberg’s attempt to buy the presidency the same way he bought the House of Representatives.