Border Wall Already Doing its Job; Meth Smuggling Attempt Thwarted

The Democrats constantly attack the president at every turn. Each decision that he makes on behalf of the United States is grilled by the fake Democrats as they look for any wrongdoing on his part.

Their mission is to destroy the credibility of the president so they can try and take power. However, there is nothing that they have been able to pin on him since there is nothing to find. The one area of attack that the Democrats have pushed hard is the border wall and its purpose.

President Trump is not letting illegals run this country any longer. His policy changes have revolutionized the country to be great again. The coronavirus has proven that a lockdown of the border would stop the flow of illegals and criminals flowing into the country. The Democrats simply hate the truth that the president is right. The country would be safer if the border was an impassible region.

President Trump made a promise four years ago to build a wall that would effectively keep the dangerous illegals out of the country. Since that time hundreds of miles have been built along the border.

For every mile of the fence that has been put into place, a Democrat has cried into the ears of judges that would listen. Their attempt to stop the building project has fallen on deaf ears because the people want to be safe. They are tired of the illegal criminals coming into the towns around the country and taking what does not belong to them.

The border wall is forcing illegals and criminals to get creative as to how they will penetrate the wall and gain access to the country. Border agents found a 40-year-old person and a 43-year-old moving towards the border.

The two illegals crossed into the international border zone heading right for the American side. The area of interest is near the Calexico West Port of Entry. The two people were seen passing a package between them as they tried to gain entrance into the country.

The border wall forced these two people to slow down long enough for border agents to show up on the scene. The brown package that was passed between them was taken and it was discovered that a large shipment of methamphetamine was being brought across the border. The agents yelled at the two people to stop, but they took off on foot. They simply did not want to be arrested for drug smuggling.

The Democrats push for open borders which would mean that these kinds of people can flow into the country unchecked. Their illegal and most often deadly substances are free to be spread throughout the streets of America.

Open borders mean the end of a free America. The number of illegals would dominate the legal citizens to the point that America would essentially be gone. The Democrats plan for the county revolves around secretly destroying the foundations of the country.

The operation at the border was planned out with a meeting car. As the agents took down the runners they noticed they scooted towards the escape car. The driver was connected to the two illegals. They were waiting for them to make the drug delivery.

The driver was arrested, and the drugs were locked away. The wall that President is building keeps people that want to harm the country out. He cares about people, unlike the dingy Democrats.

All three of the drug smuggling thugs were taken to the Calexico Border Patrol station to be processed and charged. The Methamphetamine was worth $5,700. They had the intent to sell and drug up people on the streets.

Two of the three were citizens of the United States and the other was illegal. Drug smuggling and human trafficking is a huge problem that the president is equipping the border agents to fight better.

The Democrats want to let these kinds of people into the country. They have no problem watching Americans suffer at the hands of illegals. President fights for legal citizens and only wants to make America great.