Boy Scouts are Under Attack by Sexual Predators

The Boy Scouts have long been an established organization that taught boys how to be upstanding young men. Now it looks like they are taking another turn in the wrong direction.

The first bad decision that was made was to allow girls into the organization. Girls have their organization called the Girl Scouts and that is where they should stay. But now it seems that a nameless plaintiff is blowing the whistle claiming he was sexually assaulted hundreds of times boy a leader in Pennsylvania over four years.

The man wants to keep his name private for good reasons. This attempt to dig up the past comes from another attempt to identify cases of sexual abuse against children in the Boy Scouts. The once famed and prestigious group is under attack and it looks like they have failed in protecting the boys that were enrolled in the program.

It becomes the perfect platform for sex predators to scope out their next victims. These attacks come from a time when it was not seen as necessary to perform background checks on volunteers.

It stands to reason that things were just as bad as they are today because now there is hope for those that are abused sexually in organizations such as the Boy Scouts. The Scouts do keep files of those that are not able to volunteer.

These files show that there are thousands of pedophiles that have tried to abuse these boys. The group of lawyers is claiming that these files are not complete and it appears that some volunteers either slipped through the cracks or decided to abuse the boys once they were in the group.

The question everyone is asking is whether the Boy Scouts knew about these other predators? These reports are coming from a time when it would have been easier for a freaky criminal to hide his passion for abusing young boys. The man that is being charged with sexual crimes is said to have groomed the boys for molestation later on.

This is premeditated abuse. This freak of a predator knew exactly what he was doing, and he was in a place where no one could ever catch him.

Routine background checks just did not happen after a person was admitted as an approved volunteer. And now the organization is letting girls into the group. This is a recipe for disaster.

These abuse incidents seem to have been going on for a long time without ever being looked into. The more boys and men that come forward the more others are stepping up and telling their story.

There is no excuse for this many cases to be reported without anything ever being done. Of course, people can point their fingers at possible causes and ways to improve things but the underlying issue is that some people are creeps and cannot control their fanatical behaviors and desires.

The Boy Scouts and other organizations can greatly improve the way they monitor and check people out before permitting them access to the children. There are so many people coming forward with their stories that the lawsuits are mounting.

They are getting to the point that the organization may not be able to handle the financial burden of these atrocities. But one must wonder if the Boy Scouts organization is at fault for every single case. The actions of a few volunteers need to be weighed in on these issues.

The organization can do everything right in performing checks and there would still be that one person that slips through the screening process. The Boy Scouts are cooperating with the investigation and it will take some time for the turmoil to settle down.

It is very sad to see that the actions of a few people can hurt so many people that are innocent in every way. The ones that have committed these crimes are the sad excuse for human beings that need to be locked away for the rest of their lives.