Bullet Train Employees Told to Hush by State

The Democratic-controlled state of California is a total disaster. Everything that they touch is falling apart. The way they handled the wildfire epidemic was beyond a failure. The way they have handled the homeless issue has been a joke.

And now the way they have been working on the California bullet train has been a derailed disaster from the start. The project has cost so much money that it is in danger of being shut down.

Many of the employees that work at the consulting firm on the project have been told to “shut up” or lose their jobs. The threat of termination came because it was being discovered that the project is full of hazards and budget issues.

Mark Styles is one of the employees, and he has echoed the following comment “I was told to shut up and not say anything. I was told that I didn’t understand the political arena the project was in. I told them I am not going to shut up. This is my job.”

Styles is a consultant on the project and for him to be told that he knows nothing about the project is simply Democratic nonsense. The Democrats love to threaten people to get them to shut their mouths.

They even tell people that they know nothing, and it is over their heads. But Mark Styles is not taking the threats lying down. It is his job to speak up as a consultant on the project.

The project risks and financial crisis that the project is in has been the reason why it has taken over 10 years to get to where they are at now. The Democrats cannot build a simple railway without issues. There is no reason to think that they can run a state or country any better.

Another former employee, Todd Bilstein, stated that he was told to not provide bad news. He said “If I was to give a talk at a construction conference, I would say they were not following generally accepted project management principles.

Revealing bad news was discouraging. I just couldn’t continue to work there. I don’t work that way. American professionals don’t work that way.” People of outstanding character just cannot work with Democrats that have no moral center about them.

One liar that has been telling employees to not speak or be fired stated that they are open regarding the schedule and budget that is riddled with problems. She is not telling the truth because of the trouble that they are in right now. They cannot even finish the project without major issues.

The project has also been criticized by President Trump. The project has become a stigma to those that promote big government. The truth is that big Democratic back government is a joke and this project proves it.

The project has been labeled as a “disaster” by the president. He has told the city of Sacramento to return the money that the federal government gave for the project. They have mismanaged the funds for the project.

Trump stated in one of his tweets that “California has been forced to cancel the massive bullet train project after having spent and wasted many billions of dollars. They owe the Federal Government three and a half-billion dollars. We want that money back now. Whole project is a ‘green’ disaster!” They have wasted taxpayer money. In essence, they owe the taxpayer billions of dollars.

The rail authority for California released a statement that says they take all claims seriously, and they will be reviewed. But so far nothing has been done. Some critics are beginning to think that there is criminal behavior that is taking place and the Democrats are trying to cover it.

The project is so much in trouble that it is supposed to be completed by 2022. It is now estimated that it would be done by around 2028. Nearly six years behind schedule. The Democrats have once again failed the people of America. They owe taxpayers billions of dollars for the messes over the years on this one project alone.