Bush’s Call for Unity Gets A Caustic Response from Trump

When former President George W. Bush offered what amounted to a pep talk video through his presidential center, it was greeted with near-universal acclaim, even from those people in the media who made a habit of comparing him to Adolf Hitler during his presidency.

The video was inspirational, statesmanlike, and filled with compassion and inspiration. Naturally, it invoked the spirit of the early years of 9/11 when the nation was united against the terrorist threat before the grinding misery of the War on Terror began to take its toll.

President Donald Trump was a conspicuous exception. His reaction was particularly caustic.

“Oh, by the way, I appreciate the message from former President Bush, but where was he during Impeachment calling for putting partisanship aside. @foxandfriends He was nowhere to be found in speaking up against the greatest Hoax in American history!”

Trump likely knows the reason why. The bad blood between Trump and the Bush family dates back at least to the 2016 election when the current president treated former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush very roughly, as he did most of the other candidates. Hot Air explains:

“George W. Bush made headlines during the 2016 presidential election because his brother Jeb! was running. The Bush family decided it was Jeb’s turn to be president and when that didn’t work out, the family was clearly bitter. It happens, that’s politics. Instead of remaining silent, though, as he had been throughout the entire Obama administration, George W. spoke up and said he wouldn’t be voting for Trump, he’d write in a name. (GHW Bush said he voted for Hillary.) “

The Bush family lost a boatload of respect among movement conservatives and Republican establishment types alike. The done thing for anyone who has been defeated in a primary is to unite behind the winning candidate and urge one and all to support him. When it came to supporting Donald Trump, the Bushes were AWOL. People, according to Hot Air, noticed especially Texas Republicans noticed.

Now the hopes for continuing the Bush Dynasty rests on the younger generation. George P. Bush is Texas Land Commissioner and could be counted on to seek higher office when it becomes available. Pierce Bush, the son of Neil Bush, recently lost his bid for a House seat during the Republican primary.

Trump’s complaint about George W. Bush remaining silent during the impeachment imbroglio is an understandable one. New analysts of all political persuasions noted that impeachment was a kind of hate Trump kabuki theater that outcome of which was preordained. In no plausible scenario could two-thirds of the Senate have been persuaded to toss Trump from the Oval Office.

In that circumstance, Trump might have expected George W. Bush to put personal differences aside and to denounce the nakedly partisan nature of the impeachment effort. Like it or not, Trump is president and attempts to make that fact not so based on trumped-up (to coin a phrase) charges about Ukraine was useless and a distraction.

Trump has been gaining a lot of mileage over the last one. His position is that had his administration was no caught up in the attempt of congressional Democrats to execute a kind of coup, he might have been able to catch the coronavirus early, with the resulting savings of lives and wealth, Mind, Chinese perfidy and Democratic support of the same had more to do with it, but why throw away a great issue?

It does not take a canny political pundit to note that former President Bush missed an opportunity to play the statesman. It is not as if he had expressed any irritation when President Obama blamed him for everything from the economic crisis of 2008 to the heartbreak of psoriasis.

Trump dealt with Sen Ted Cruz, R-Texas even rougher than he did Jeb Bush and Cruz, for the good of the country and the Republican Party, is one of the president’s warmest supporters.

Hot Air also suggests that the Bush video tries to lecture Trump supporters about the need for unity in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. One problem exists.

“It often feels like a war, a political war, between Republicans and Democrats. During this time, as the curve is flattening and states are beginning to open back up, the political divides between the parties are crystal clear. Red states are beginning to open up while blue states are not. It is quite logical to notice that Democrats appear to be using the coronavirus pandemic as a battering ram against President Trump and his administration. From the finger-pointing and armchair quarterbacking to holding up emergency funding bills to add pet projects and social justice initiatives, Democrats are not letting this crisis go to waste.”