Catch and Release Dying and President’s Immigration Reform Plans Thriving

The acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection recently shared the progress of the work being done on the border, and on all fronts, the news is that immigration reform is working. It wasn’t ever the wall itself that was the primary objective but sealing the largest and most obvious hole in our border.

It also wasn’t only the wall that was part of the President’s immigration reform policy. Finally, as he has expressed his displeasure time and again about the rather silly “catch and release” method, long employed by border patrol officials, that program has seen its last.

According to one recent story the acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection said, “it is a game-changer.” It wasn’t all that long ago when the CBP Chief was quoted as saying, “We were actually releasing half [of the arriving migrants] into the interior of the U.S., most never to be heard of again.”

And now, as a result of ending the catch and release methods, “a game-changer” – that is a big difference compared to his words and reports from less than a year ago!

How big? The story cited some of those numbers and the effectiveness of stopping the pointless catch and release process is obvious. How obvious, well, as the story reported, “in December, border agents detained 40,000 migrants at the border, down 71 percent from 144,000 detentions in May 2019.”

The residual effects as a result of ending this dog-chasing-its-tail practice are also being felt in those numbers and beyond. Not only does this act as a deterrent for others who seek to illegally cross the border but it also literally removes an element of risk inherent to the catch and release idea.

As the President pushes forward and finds continued success with his border wall project, the elimination of these useless practices will eventually create a much safer America. And if these numbers are any indication, that is happening sooner than later.

Our story went on to share the support of another official working intimately with border control, deputy commissioner Bob Perez. Commissioner Perez, as the story cited, said that “more than 95 percent … [are] not being released into the interior. That has changed everything – I can’t overemphasize that enough.”

The rollback of the catch and release process is also having an impact on the economy and American workers. It is also an impact that will only get better and be felt more as time passes.

When illegals aren’t released back into the same pond and as others are being dissuaded, it creates more opportunities for workers. It forces employers to hire Americans and that will correspond to companies needing to raise wages to get those workers.

Yes, catch and release was a ridiculous idea from the start and now we are just beginning to feel the impact of ending this practice of futility. Those at ground zero are excited, and soon we will all realize why they are so exuberant.

The cost of illegal immigration and the burden on the American economy is enormous. The toll of catch and release and illegals on the American healthcare and educational system is back-breaking. We also have read about the risk and we know about the increased crime rates that follow illegal immigration as well.

Finally, real reform and real answers.

There is still a long way to go but from all accounts, we are headed in the right direction, and so are many illegals who attempt to cross the border. Of course, not everyone agrees with these new policies and the President’s immigration reform plan.

We will continue to hear about unfair and unjust deportations, inhumane detainee practices, and other cries from free-borders supporters. What they may not be aware of, however, is that it looks like a day is coming when they won’t have any of those issues to complain about.

Who will they fight to defend when there are no more illegals inside our borders? Who will they fight for or against when there is no longer a need for large detainee centers or even ICE?

Don’t worry, they will find something to complain about, but they will also find themselves in a safer and better America while they do.