China is Cheating Again

President Trump is no fool. He is watching China and keeping their feet to the fire, so they do not back down or run away from making an honest deal with the United States.

The promises that China has made to the United States have not happened in the past few months. All their speeches and agreements that they made in the prior talks have been lies and now they are going to pay dearly for their refusal, to be honest in their dealings.

President Trump has made it clear that tariffs are going to be placed on 10 percent of $300 billion worth of Chinese goods starting in September. It has become clear that China is not willing to do the right thing and honor what they said they would do in the last round of talks with the United States.

Robert Lighthizer and Steven Mnuchin were sent to China in an attempt to get the trade talks back on the right track to completion. But what they found was a China that is not willing to play fair when it comes to trade.

This leaves the wise President Trump with no recourse but to live up to what he said he would do if China was not serious about honest trade. President Trump has proven himself to be a man of his word.

This means that the tariffs are going to increase and China is going to pay for their stubbornness. This also shows that China cannot be trusted as a reliable nation. They cannot be trusted to do what they say they are going to do.

Stubborn China agreed to buy products from the United States agricultural industry in very large quantities. So far they have not done anything remotely close to what they have said they would do.

President Trump has also pointed out China would stop selling Fentanyl to the United States which still has not happened. Fentanyl is a drug that kills a lot of people when used or when they are exposed to it. So far these are two lies that China has been caught in.

President Trump has announced that the trade talks will continue but the increase in tariffs will start in September. This is a small amount compared to what is currently in place but it still will hurt China in the end.

China is not the big commercial giant they make themselves out to be. They pale in comparison to the financial might of the United States. President Trump knows exactly where to place the pressure on China to get them to act honestly and fairly.

The liars in China are maintaining that they never made any such deal with the United States. But the evidence clearly shows that to be the third lie. When threatened with additional tariffs in May, China quickly got back to the negotiating table, so they would avoid being hurt further. China knows they cannot compete with the United States. They will have to deal fairly to have the tariffs lifted from being placed on them.

It is not that difficult to deal fairly with other nations. China wants to make a big deal out of nothing regarding this point. They want people to believe that the United States is just being mean but everyone has already seen the lies and know that the current leaders in China are liars and stupid in their dealings with other nations.

China and the United States were close to a deal but at the last minute, China wants to start playing games and wanted to renegotiate the new deal. So now they will have to pay for that stupid decision. China just could not bring themselves to sign an honest deal.

They like doing business in the realm of cheating others out what is fair. But that is exactly what a communist nation does to other people. They want deals that only benefit them and rob others of fair trade and economic success.

China will soon feel the full economic pressure that they have coming towards them. If they want to be free of the tariffs, then they need to stop playing around and get to work with coming up with a fair deal.

President Trump will see to it that they deal fairly with the people of the United States.