China is Paying More for U.S. Beef and the Democrats Hate it

President Trump has ordered the meat plants in the country to remain open. This was done to protect the greater good and needs of the American people. The Democrats have blasted the president for looking out for the majority of the American people.

Like always, the Democrats are there to play the hurt card to gain sympathy for people that are looking for a story. The liberals would love to see a socialistic America where there is no food and people are dependent on the Democrats for life.

The Democrats have also once again failed to see the big picture as it relates to the operation of the country. They would have everyone believe that there is not a pound of beef left in the nation.

But the reality of the situation is that there are plenty of packs of meat to go around. But the Democrats need something to complain about. So, they have moved on from the issue of the plants to the trade deal between China and the United States. China has agreed to buy farm products from America and the president is honoring that deal.

So, the beef is flowing to Americans and China. The crybaby Democrats complain that the beef should go to Americans first. Which it already is being distributed nationwide. All they have to do is open their eyes and see that the stores have beef for sale.

The issue with the Democrats is made up. They are really upset over the truth that the Chinese are paying a lot more for the beef and it is making President Trump look good.

The Chinese have lost their pigs so they are having to buy more beef which in turn is making the United States tons of money. The Chinese had to buy from the United States because they have no more meat to give people.

The famous words of “could” and “maybe” are the words of Democrats. They use these words to frighten people into thinking the worst is yet to come. They have used the words to try and get people to think that meat will be a rare commodity by the end of May. But the truth remains that the meet plants are open again and meat is flowing to people all around the world.

One Democrat from Ohio named Rosa DeLauro stated that “That tragic outcome is all the worse when the food being processed is not going to our nation’s families. That is what the Defense Production Act is all about: protecting America’s national interests, not China’s.” He would have everyone believe that every last scrap of meat is leaving on a ship. He just

does not like the fact that President Trump is taking care of Americans first and even making the Chinese buy American products.

Another word that liberals use to incite panic is “if.” One plant worker stated, “If we start having a shortage in America, I think it should stay here.” Everyone has an opinion. The liberals simply need to find the right sucker to tell a doomsday tale and they have their story. There is always a chance of doom, but there is even a greater chance that everything will be just fine

The plan and simple truth scares the Democrats because they know in the end President Trump is going to look like a hero. There is enough meat to go around. The plants need to open and get back to work now. It is time for them to listen to the president and do what has to be done to open up again.

President Trump only has the wellbeing of the country at heart. His orders protect Americans and help others around the world. But for him, America comes first. He ordered the plants open so Americans can be fed.

And now that they are opening, the beef can be sold to others around the world. The Democrats hate the president’s success. They want the praise to be theirs because they are selfish and cannot stand that someone else is running the country.