China is Threatening American Businesses

Crazy China is up to its old tricks once again. Chinese businesses have been instructed to cut off all business relations with United States companies that are in the business of selling weapons to Taiwan.

Even though the act of selling weapons to Taiwan has been approved by lawmakers crazy China still believes there is a motive that is designed to hurt China.

China is suffering under the sanctions by their own choice. All they have to do is negotiate a fair trade deal with the United States and the sanctions will go away.

China believes that it is going to hurt the United States if a few companies are kept from trading with China. So far every tariff and motive that President Trump has thrown at China has worked to the advantage of America.

China hates America and like other rogue nations would like to see it destroyed. America is strong and will be around for a long time as long as people like President Trump and the Republican Party are still around.

Taiwan is a Democratic nation and is self-governing. China has claimed the tiny country as its own territory. However, they have no right to claim something that is not theirs.

China has proven that they do not like Democratic nations. They would rather rule over them than work with them. There is no doubt that Taiwan is a sensitive issue between the U.S. and China. America is the only barrier that keeps Taiwan from becoming Chinese territory.

The sale of weapons is nothing new for America. The State Department has already approved the sale and it is going to go through. China is just looking for any excuse to place sanctions on the United States.

They have reached their limit of tariffs so now they are grasping at straws. This only proves that China cannot compete with the United States economically. The Chinese economy is nearly in shambles because of the tariffs.

They must think that hurting a few companies from America is going to make that big of a difference.

Taiwan is set to receive tanks, missiles and other items designed to enhance their ability to defend themselves. China does not want a strong Taiwan because they will be able to defend themselves in case China decides to use force to annex the little country.

China likes to play games to intimidate the opposition. President Trump has too much experience and knowledge to be intimidated by crazy China.

The sale provides the United States with $2.2 billion. China is crying like the AOC does that the deal violates international law and is a threat to their security. Crazy China does not have a rock to stand on because the world knows that the deal is more than legal and Taiwan has the right to those weapons.

It will not make a bit of difference what China does towards these companies. The American dream of prosperity always finds another way and another customer to grow by.

China will be the only one hurt through their choices as they will lose business partners and opportunities to grow their own companies.

The American companies did not respond to the threats because it is not a major concern for them. It is nothing more than losing a deal and having to find another business partner.

There are plenty of companies in the world that would love to do business with the United States. Now is the time for them to develop relations with America.

The United States is the place where dreams come true. For people that come in the borders legally, they have the right to explore their dreams and work to make them come true.

For people that try to enter illegally, their dreams are not going to come true because they are going to be sent home.

President Trump will continue to build strong relations and do business with American allies. Rogue nations like China can protest all they want but there is nothing they can do.

The United States has enough resources and money to wage an effective trade war against China and win.