Comey Prove Elites Above the Law, Just Like Hillary

For years, a double standard has existed in America, where elites such as those within Congress and agencies such as the FBI and CIA are forgiven horrendous crimes while everyday heroes are thrown to the wolves over mere moments of misjudgment.

However, recent events have made this double standard all the more evident, causing many to see it for what it really is, a liberal ploy for power.

The most recent encounter comes through William Barr and the Department of Justice, as they have chosen NOT to prosecute ex-FBI director James Comey for his traitorous actions against President Donald Trump and his association with Hillary Clinton and others in trying to tip the 2016 election.

During his time spent as the director of the FBI, Comey and his staff were tasked with leading an investigation into Hillary Clinton and her use of a private email server that without question broke federal law.

However, he not only allowed the case to become stagnant with inaction but completely ignored the fact that Democratic FBI agents assigned to the case never got a testimony out of her, permitting her to avoid any political ramifications.

In addition, he personally took part in trying to make sure the Trump never made it to the White House, by commissioning the Steele dossier, spying on the Trump campaign, and leaking that information to the media on multiple occasions in an attempt to tip the scales in Clinton’s favor. Thank God, his not so well-laid plans didn’t work.

Many in America would consider these acts treasonous. Not just because they involve our current president, but because they also go against everything America is supposed to stand for.

Our nation was created as a democracy so that all people are equal and have an equal say in how our government is run. So when a few people who believe they are above the law, take matters into their own hands to make the government what they want it to be rather than what the people need, it is traitorous indeed.

When the truth starting coming out about Comey’s actions and lies, as well as of those who worked under him, America began to hope that justice would be finally served. That at least one of those traitorous, self-righteous elites would be held accountable for his actions.

After all, the case made against Comey by Inspector General Michael Horowitz was filled with enough evidence to file for prosecution with the DOJ. The reports Horowitz submitted proved that Comey had personally leaked classified and secret information about the President to the media for his own purposes.

And Comey even admitted to it, saying, “I didn’t consider it part of the FBI file. It was personal aide-memoire. I always thought of it as mine.”

If that doesn’t prove that he thinks he can get away with anything, I don’t know what will.

Furthermore, Comey said, “I asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter. I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel.”

In any other business, when someone is caught taking company products, information, or property, such employees are punished harshly, not only with the loss of their job but with legal ramifications. Comey, while he was fired by the president, continued to leak information and was never brought to justice.

Any other ordinary American would have had the book thrown at them for a much lesser offense.

For example, a sailor in the American Navy, Kristian Saucier, had a momentary lapse of judgment took a selfie while on a submarine. The photo was never leaked, posted online, or even sent to friends and family.

Nevertheless, the DOJ during Obama’s administration prosecuted Saucier, sending him to prison with an honorable discharge.

His family was left with no money coming in. The family car was repossessed, their home foreclosed on, and bills were sent to collections.

And even after he was released, they struggled because Saucier was considered a felon and couldn’t find suitable work.

This all happened during the same time that Hillary was accused of leaking information, lying to federal officials, and conspiring to rig the election.

So why were Hillary and Comey not even prosecuted, yet this sailor, who had served our country for years and made a tiny mistake causing no harm, was sent to federal prison?

Doesn’t seem exactly fair, does it? Double standard indeed!