Cops Tainted Bad Revive the Real Meaning of Law Enforcement

Under the Obama administration, police officers all across the nation were getting a bad rap.  The media pounded horror stories into the public’s minds, and the men and women who were supposed to make everyone feel safe, spooked everyone whenever they stopped someone, questioned people, or just walked down the street.

It put hatred in some people’s hearts to go on a rampage and start killing cops.  Here are some stories to prove they really are the good guys just doing their job.

Oregon’s Police Lieutenant David Natt found a car on the side of the road with a man, wife, and two kids inside the car.  Lt. Natt went in for a closer look.  He realized the car was the family’s home.

The two boys, four and two were sleeping on their parent’s laps.  Lt. Natt spoke to the father and husband of the family and he realized this family was on hard times.  He insisted the man get everyone back in the car and to follow him to the nearest motel.

Upon arrival, Lt. Natt prepaid the bill for the family to stay at the motel for a couple of nights so they could get cleaned up, and get some good rest.

Lt. Natt stated, “It’s part of our three-word motto: protect, serve and care.  And you have to take each one of those, in all circumstances, to heart.”

In Minnesota, Commander Brian Peters did his last patrol route one last time.  He was to retire after 14 years on the force and his goal for that last go-round was to stop everyone he could but not to give out tickets.

Now, when the blue lights are flashing in the rearview mirrors, it can cause some people to go into cardiac arrest.  Commander Peters was stopping everyone he could find who could use some gift cards.  Yes, gift cards to Cub Foods and Target valued at $50.00.

His hope was to help people in the community pay for school supplies, groceries, or just someone who needed extra money.  Shaundra Lindsay was one of the women Peters stopped and gave a gift certificate.

She told reporters, “I got a little scared, but he came to me with some good news.  I didn’t know what he was coming over here to me for. It was a surprise. He blessed us and I am really happy about that.”

Peters gave out gift certificates in the amount of his final paycheck that day.  He stated, “The citizens and city have been wonderful to me. I am very blessed, so it feels good to give back.”

In Michigan, a man in a wheelchair was spotted by Officer Joe Hutson and Officer John Khillah stopped off to take over after they saw how much he was struggling to get the job done.

Officer Khillah went to pick up a blower, trimmer, and a mower, and they finished the job for the man.  Locals saw the act of kindness from the police officers and the reports went viral.

A nine-year-old girl from Ohio set up a lemonade stand to buy herself the one thing she always wanted, an iPad.  Sheriff Deputy Zak Ropos decided he was thirsty and wanted some lemonade where he purchased a glass from the girl.

When he found out what she was working so hard for he went out and bought her a brand new iPad.  He stated, “She’s 9 years old and she’s willing to work for what she wants, and I found that very admirable of her.  I knew her lemonade stand wasn’t probably going to bring in enough money for a tablet.”

The same police department where he worked was known for helping the community.  Two deputies purchased a bike for a boy, and a lieutenant donated $200 out of his own pocket to help a needy family.

In Syracuse, New York, Officer Brandon Hanks told of how he was deathly afraid of police officers.  He stated, “The only time I ever really saw them in my neighborhood was when someone was going to jail or getting arrested.”

He decided to change the perception of the kids in the neighborhood and challenged the kids to a one on one basketball game.  If he won, the kids had to do push-ups.  If the kids won, he would buy them a pair of sneakers.

After 27 wins, Officer Hanks met his match and had to buy seven-year-old Josiah Brandon a $70 pair of sneakers.