Coronavirus, The Only Way Democrats Can Crash Trump’s Economy

President Donald Trump has done many great things for America during his time in office since day one.  There is too much to count, but the most significant thing he ever did was resurrect the economy from the previous administration.  Former President Obama almost single handly crushed America and divided the country more than it has ever been.  President Trump fixed all of this, and the Democrats hate him for it.  Now we have the coronavirus, and the Democrats are using it to their advantage to turn it into something political and try to destroy the economy Trump built.

Democrats are saying Trump’s era in this excellent economy may be coming to a halt due to how he has handled the coronavirus outbreak.  They could not be further from the truth.  Everything that could possibly be done is being handled as we speak.

President Trump even donated out of his own pocket to fight this growing epidemic.  Democrats would have never in a million years do that.  To take the numbers from the economy under Obama, Wall Street would have crashed and thrown this country into a depression far worse than the 1930s.

President Trump has the economy so strong that it can survive this epidemic, which Democrats are making it worse than it really is.  Yes, there are recorded over 100,000 cases worldwide and over 3,000 deaths.  To have a little over 500 and 22 deaths as of Monday in America, we are doing pretty good.

The fear comes as to how fast this epidemic has spread across the world, and people have halted on their purchases.  When people halt on buying into the economy, Wall Street falls, and it has taken a noticeable hit.

Within two months from the outbreak, Goldman Sachs has cut their predictions for the first quarter in half.  So far, the growth has been dropped from three percent to two percent.

Democrats have a way with words to put a scare into Americans.  Yes, it fell, but it is still growing amidst the spread of the virus.  They won’t tell us that part, though.

Goldman Sachs’s predictions on growth in the first quarter were released with its new numbers.  The first quarter is showing .9 percent, the second quarter showing 0 percent, the third quarter at 1 percent and the fourth quarter coming in at 2.25 percent.

The truth is, with everything coming to a complete stop, America still has the highest economy rate ever.  Trump built the economy back up, and the Democrats cannot tear it down as long as he is still President.

Since the Democrats own the banks and the media, they are utilizing everything they can to tear down President Trump’s legacy.  The banks released this statement, “While the U.S. economy avoids recession in our baseline forecast, the downside risks have clearly grown.”

Did you all catch that? “Avoids recession.”  We are not even close to a recession, but the Democrats would like America to believe that.  What more unusual way for these crooks to attack the President’s campaign than drive a wedge in Trump’s greatest legacy?

The Democrats are even using China as an example to scare people.  So let’s look at China, shall we?  China has its lowest numbers in its economy since 2009.  This is a country where the virus originated, and the death rate is higher than anywhere in the world.

But with the economy in China, Democrats forgot to mention, President Trump brought everything back to America and worked with President Xi to complete a better trade deal to benefit America, not China.  China lost a lot when America claimed what was hers, to begin with.  Democrats won’t reveal that part!

What makes all of this mess even more outstanding, is President Trump still has a 55 percent approval rating on how he has built the economy.  It really doesn’t matter what Democrats do at this point.  They cannot salvage their party with Biden or Sanders.  Both would finish off the party, and neither can go toe to toe with President Trump in the 2020 election.

The main thing Americans need to remember is the coronavirus is all a tactic utilized by the Democrats to sabotage Trump’s economy.  It should be of concern but not feared as we have had many epidemics over the last few decades, and it has not destroyed America.  We got through Obama as President Trump saved America, and we can get through the coronavirus.