Cory Booker: If I’m Not Going To Be President, My Senate Seat Is Warm

Cory Booker hasn’t been doing all that well within the political polls for the Democratic primaries. While he has qualified for both the September and October DNC debates, he’s not into the double-digits in terms of percentage points. However, he already has one foot out the door.

Booker has a unique position that not all of the candidates have. The Senator knows that if he doesn’t get to be the next US President, his seat in the Senate is being kept warm. He has the option of leaving the campaign trail at any time in order to focus on maintaining his seat in the Senate.

The New Jersey Democrat knows that he doesn’t have a lot of competition, so he can focus more on becoming the next president – at least for a little while longer.

At some point, he’s going to have to make a major decision, but he has some time to at least think that he’s got a chance of getting the DNC nomination.

There are quite a few Dems polling higher than him. Depending on the poll, that would include Biden, Warren, Sanders, Harris, and even Buttigieg.

This means that if Booker really does have hopes of giving up his Senate seat and becoming the next president, he has to get some more face time in front of Americans because most still have no idea who he is.

Ever since Chris Christie lost the governor’s seat in New Jersey as a Republican, the GOP has been losing their grounding in New Jersey as a whole.

It allows Booker to feel confident in where he’s at – and the few candidates that are interested in his seat have never held a local elected office. It allows Booker to focus on one title at a time.

There’s also another little tidbit that Booker likes to hold onto; 2020 will mark 48 years since a Republican won a US Senate election in New Jersey.

However, it would serve him right to make assumptions – especially when there is some attention of the seat with self-funded Republicans who would love to snag the seat when Booker isn’t looking.

Technically, Booker doesn’t have to decide anything right away. Sanders is a Senator and running for President.

There are several others who are currently serving the government in one way or another. New Jersey even changed the law for him last year, allowing him to be on the ballot for president and Senate at the same time.

However, there are a number of Republicans who are being realistic about what Booker is actually doing. He is wasting the resources that New Jersey has to offer by spending time on a presidential bid.

At this point in time, if Booker was going to secure the DNC nomination, he would be a lot higher in the polls right now. Unless Biden were to crash and burn, there is no way that he is going to get into double-digit percentage points.

There is someone with his eye on Booker’s seat, no matter how warm Cory Booker may think it is specifically for him.

Doug Steinhardt, the Republican state chairman for New Jersey has been eyeing the seat – and the New Jersey Republican party’s fundraising base has been growing considerably.

Stuart Meissner, a securities lawyer, and former federal prosecutor is also looking at the seat.

He used to be a Democrat, proving that he is a different type of Republican – and maybe what’s necessary in order to get the vote in New Jersey.

Cory Booker seems very secure in his ability to maintain the Senate seat. With all of his time going towards the presidential campaign, one would expect him to be doing better – or at least spending his fundraising dollars a little bit differently.

He has not done a lot of TV campaigns as of yet. As the only male African-American currently running, he also doesn’t have a very large base of African-American voters – most African-Americans are choosing either Sanders or Biden at this point in time.

Although Booker will be attending both of the upcoming debates, he needs to figure out a way to make sure that his platform is being heard. Otherwise, he is going to end up losing the nomination for president and having his Senate seat pulled out from under him.

With quite a few Republicans willing to be the one to pull out the chair, Booker is showing a bit of arrogance with his thoughts that he can do both at the same time even though he is a not a top-tier candidate.