Courts Playing God Again Just to Spit in Trump’s Face

The southern border has been a problem for President Trump since he first set foot in the Oval Office. The president has battled tenaciously to deal with the problems coming up from the south. He has asked for funding from the Democratic-controlled Congress only to be denied several times.

He has fought to build a wall to stop undocumented border crossings only to have the Democrats tie up the matter in court. The wall is being built, but it is taking a long time because the anti-American Democrats are working against the president instead of with him.

The building of the wall has been progressing slowly for the past three years. President Trump had to declare a state of emergency just to get the project started. And now it seems that another court is going to try to dictate policy for the entire nation.

The court has once again stopped part of the wall from being built before it gets started. This section of the wall is 175 miles long and will secure the border and stop illegals from smuggling humans into the country and will stop the flow of drugs.

Documents show that the court has its way the wall will be a third less than what has been planned. President Trump wants to see 500 miles of the new wall in place before December 2020. This will effectively deliver on his promise to build the wall at the border while he was serving as president in his first term. But the nasty court that has been bought off by liberals has ruled that the project must stop.

The U.S. District Judge in Northern California ruled in favor of the terrorist organization the ACLU. This troublesome group loves to stick their noses in things that do not concern them. They hate Christianity and all things that make America great.

Their fight to stop the country from being secure in their way of joining forces with people that seek to destroy America. The president and his staff are planning on appealing the court’s decision. The funding of $3.6 billion will build a fence that is 175 miles long in five different areas that need better border fencing.

Haywood S. Gilliam Jr. is the joke of a judge that ruled in favor of the ACLU. All liberals must stick together is their motto. Gilliam Jr. does not care about doing the right thing. He only wants to satisfy his liberal fan base, so he can stay a judge in California.

President Trump is wiser than the liberals as 300 miles of the fencing is currently under construction. He has been able to keep going because he diversified the funding sources. This was done so the wacky liberals could not shut the project down with one court case.

The fight is far from over. President Trump will end up taking the matter to the Supreme Court if necessary. The security and future of the country hang in balance. And he is the only one along with the Republicans that see the importance of the wall.

The southern border has a large mix of barricades that are used to stop illegal migration. In some places, it is just a stump and a sign while in other high walls have been set up to combat the problem.

President Trump wants high-tech walls installed in the areas with little or no protection. These locations are constantly being overrun by drug runners and human smugglers. Once they cross, the illegal aliens blend into society and start feeding off of the legal population.

To fully stop the problems of drugs and human trafficking the president must have the resources to work with. The delays he has had to battle through with the wall are the fault of the Democrats in Congress.

They have refused to help him because they hate him. They do not care about the security of America. They only care about removing him from office. Their best efforts have fallen short and it is going to cost them the election in 2020.