Dangerous Extremist Who Threatened Journalists Arrested

Hatred is the driving force behind many forms of evil. When one person hates another because of the color of their skin they forget that every person is a human. This is the teaching that Nazism and other racial groups promote.

Their followers believe the nonsense that is pumped into their brains to the point that they want to act out on it. This is how it all started for members of a neo-Nazi group operating out of Tampa, Florida.

Four hateful people were taken into custody for what is being called a racially motivated attempt to threaten and intimidate journalists and activists. This anti-American group was set up within a chatroom in 2016.

From there, it was how they planned their work to harm and threaten people around the country. All the men were under the age of 25 and too stupid enough to know that there are better ways of demonstrating an agenda than hurting people.

The four men were Taylor Ashley Parker, Cameron Brandon Shea, Kaleb Cole, and Johnny Roman Garza. All of them were from other parts of the country. Parker was just the ringleader. He is the one that was organizing the next hit on the American people.

Parker replaced the original leader who went to prison for the murder of two people that were supposedly his friends. This group is nothing more than a bunch of internal terrorists fighting for a cause that they know nothing about.

The previous leader killed the other two people because they made fun of his Muslim faith. Proving once more that Islamic faith is based on terror. His newfound faith is the reason he killed. As the group reorganized under new leadership once their old leader had been sent away things began to happen that were rather alarming.

The group calls themselves the Atomwaffen. Their ideology was seen in their death camp where they trained its members in hand-to-hand combat and weapons. The camp was located in the Las Vegas region. Their group posts videos of their guns and glory for all to see on YouTube.

The sick members made a huge error in which one of the videos identified some members. From that time forward they had to conceal themselves to stay hidden. One of the terrorists arrested this past week posted a message that stated “The matter of these nosy reporters coming into our daily lives, where we work, where we live, where we go in our spare time. We must simply approach them with nothing but pure aggression. We cannot let them think that they can just … that that (sic) it’s safe for them to just come up to us, and [expletive] with us.  We cannot let them think they are safe in our very presence alone.”

This statement would become the driving force to their actions that would lead to their arrest. By the end of 2019, the group had chatted in the chat room multiple times setting up their plan.

But like all great stupid criminals, they felt the need to post what they were planning to do. Firmly believing that no one was monitoring their plans. A group of stupid young men told the world of their soon to be criminal actions. They deserve the world’s dumbest criminal award.

The main goal was to harass and threaten. This they started to do in 2020. They started off mailing pictures and posters that were threatening in their content. All the time they were doing these things the police were watching. Law enforcement was watching as they bought clothing to engage in criminal activity.

What is truly embarrassing for them is that they could not get the addresses right for where the posters were to be placed. In one case the poster was delivered to the wrong address altogether. These members should be given the “you had one job award” for failure. T

o sum up the criminal side of the members the FBI stated that “The FBI recognizes all citizen’s First Amendment-protected rights. However, the subjects arrested today crossed the line from protected ideas and speech to action in order to intimidate and coerce individuals who they perceived as a threat to their ideology of hate.”