De Blasio Wants Police to be Harmed During Protests

Mayor De Blasio is living up to his sadistic reputation as a staunch liberal by siding with the violence that destroyed the rule of law in New York. Law enforcement in New York does not have the support they need to do their job which is to protect life, liberty, and property.

The angry selfish-driven mob that attacks the city violently went after anything and everyone that sought to live peacefully in New York. And when the life of a police officer was threatened, the only thing he could do was pull his gun for protection.

Mayor De Blasio should be protecting the officer that had his life put in danger. But instead, he is promoting the idea of firing the officer for doing his job. The media portrays the mob as a peaceful group of people. But they were anything but peaceful.

Businessowners lost everything when the mob looted and burned everything in sight. De Blasio has not supported the police since he set foot in the mayor’s office. He rather has sought to remove all authority from law enforcement.

De Blasio remarked, “That officer should have his gun and badge taken away today.” The video that has surfaced is simply one person’s account of the incident. There is no record of what took place up to the event. Police officers only pull their guns as a last resort.

They are trained to use any other means to quiet the situation. The mob put fear into these officers’ eyes because they were threatening him. The mob was anything but peaceful.

In one section a bystander is taunting the police to pull their guns. The mob was dangerous and to keep from being killed himself the officer did pull his gun to save his life and everyone else that served with him.

The protests going on in the country have been violent in most cases. The motive for the protest stems from one police officer injuring a man to the point of death. To protest peacefully is one thing by which to organize violent rallies around the country is anti-American.

The media and liberal De Blasio are looking for anything to smear the New York police department. They would love to brand them as racist and harmful. But the truth is that they too have families they want to return home to. De Blasio should investigate the situation but should refrain from opinion until the facts have surfaced.

He stated that “We have to always know it is not the place of an officer to pull a gun in the middle of a crowd, knowing that there are peaceful protesters in that crowd. That is unacceptable; that is dangerous.” The crowd was not as peaceful as the video quickly shows.

De Blasio needs to stay out of the way until the formal “internal” investigation is finished. The police department has policies that govern the way all officers are to serve. It is not up to the mayor or anyone else to determine if the actions of an officer were warranted or not. Law enforcement operates much like the military does when it comes to an investigation. They do it themselves. And no one has the right to interfere.

Mayor De Blasio has a psychotic approach to dealing with police violence. He quickly blames the police and acts like the violent criminal is innocent. He also plays the other side of the card and on occasion to defend the police. He does this to keep the public opinion of himself stable.

In one case he stated that “It is inappropriate for protesters to surround a police vehicle and threaten police officers. That’s wrong on its face and that hasn’t happened in the history of protests in this city.” But when they surround the officers on foot and are violent towards them, he attacks the police when they defend themselves.

De Blasio has also defended the police and was then blasted by Democrats to the point that he recants his statements and condemns the police. He has no sense of loyalty to the people of New York.

He is a party mayor that will do what his Democratic superiors tell him to do. New York police officers deserve better than De Blasio. They need the support of people, like President Trump, that is willing to defend them and give them what they need to protect and serve.