Delivery Driver Shoots a Pretend Customer

They say everything in Texas is bigger.  Well, they have big signs in Texas that say, “Don’t mess with Texas!”  There is a reason for that saying, and some people are just stupid enough to find out the meaning behind it.

Texas has some of the best laws for concealed carry, and the majority of the people in Texas have a gun in their homes, vehicles, or on their person.  So in some ways, the criminals should not mess with the people from Texas either.

That is what one teen learned at a young age when he decided he was going to call out for Chinese food and have it delivered to his home.  He planned to rob the delivery driver at gunpoint upon arrival, but the teen’s plan did not turn out so great for him.

The court date was set for Malcom Nwadike on Wednesday, who found out the hard way crime does not pay and it does not come without the risk or consequences.

According to ABC 13 News, “A 17-year-old high school student shot by the delivery driver he allegedly tried to rob at gunpoint appeared in court, where prosecutors said he pretended to be a customer before he was shot.  Malcom Nwadike has been charged with aggravated robbery.”  The incident happened at the Village of Fondren Apartments in Southwest Houston.

Nwadike set out his plan to order Chinese food online, leaving specific instructions for the delivery driver to call upon arrival and not to knock on the door since it was not the apartment belonging to Nwadike.

He gave his cell phone for the driver to call as he waited in a dark area for the driver to arrive.  Upon arrival, the driver followed the instructions left for him to call the number listed on the order.  After the driver and Nwadike ended the call, Nwadike came out of the dark area with a gun pointed at the driver demanding his wallet.

Inside the courtroom, prosecutors stated, “That’s when the delivery driver, who has a concealed handgun license, drew his weapon from his holster on his right hip and started firing.  Shortly after, Nwadike allegedly called the police to tell them he had been shot during a drive-by shooting.”

Prosecutors continued, “The officers found the teen inside his family’s apartment. He was in the bathroom trying to clean the gunshot wound to his leg.”  Nwadike was arrested with a bond of $50,000.  He appeared before the judge on Wednesday still on crutches and wearing the medical scrubs.

At the time of the arrest, ABC 13 News was at the scene of the crime interviewing the authorities who handled the incident and other witnesses.

The authorities told the reporters, “the delivery driver was waiting on him to come out of the apartments when Nwadike came out of the shadows, pointed a gun and stole his wallet.”

The witness who is a coworker of the delivery driver, Wendy Zheng, told the reporters, “The driver delivered to the apartment complex before, and had taken an order from the alleged robber two months ago.”

Zheng added, “He’s working 27/7 just to pay his way through college.  The driver only had the gun for protection and he did what he had to do to save himself.”

The mother of the teenager was shocked to hear of her son’s actions and was waiting to speak with him after the bond was set.  No one really knows why criminals do this kind of thing.

Only the person themselves who commit the crime can answer that.  But for the people who defend themselves in such acts, they are the heroes, and one can only hope the teen learns his lesson as he found out the hard way.  He will definitely remember his actions with every limp he takes for the rest of his life.

Huge cities in Texas, like Houston, do allow for their delivery drivers to carry weapons in their vehicles.  The delivery driver did have his permits and was well trained with a gun.

It goes without saying, it was a good thing he was armed.  Many situations like these do not turn out so well.  A lot of delivery drivers have been attacked or killed throughout the country and it is a dangerous job.

It is only dangerous because of the people who want to do harm to another human being.  In cases like these, it is also dangerous to be a criminal.  Just ask Malcom Nwadike.