Dem Charged with Stealing Hundreds of Thousands from Mentally Ill

Democrats are greedy and self-centered criminals that think only of themselves. They seek power and money, and they will do anything legal or illegal to get what they want. They do things in secret hoping that no one will ever find out what they have done or are doing. One of the things that the stupid Democrats like to do is set up their nonprofit’s organizations hoping that people give to it, so they can take the money for themselves.

One stupid Democrat from the state of Pennsylvania has been accused of stealing money from her very own charity. It was found that she was spending on luxury expenses instead of using the money for the intended charitable need. The stupid Democrat has none other than Movita Johnson-Harrell. She allegedly founded Motivations Education & Consultation Associates. What she did was take Medicaid and Social Security funds from the organization and used them for her greed.

She would go on to buy designer clothing, pay for her elaborate vacations, pay for expensive cars, real estate, and many other selfish greedy things. Her aim was selfish satisfaction. She did not care who gave the money or what it was supposed to be used for. All she wanted to do was fraud her givers and live the life of a rich criminal. Her selfish deeds were discovered by law enforcement, and she was charged with corruption and other crimes.

Josh Shapiro who is the Pennsylvania Attorney General stated that “When corruption erodes the trust that is built between governmental entities and citizens, no one wins. I’ve said time and time again as attorney general that no one is above the law, no matter their position of power. And today is no different.” Shapiro is correct when he stated that no person is above the law. It does not matter if the person is in politics or not. If they have done the crime, then they will pay for it with time in prison.

Johnson-Harrell started the organization. She was also the first woman to be elected to Congress that was a Muslim. But that does not mean that she is an honest person. Many Muslim people hate America and do not care about others. They just want to please themselves and make money that they can selfishly use for themselves. The organization was set up to help people suffering from things like intellectual disabilities, chronic mental issues, substance abuse, homelessness, and the fund would help kids and elderly people.

But that was never her intent when she set up the fund. Her true intent was to use the money for her selfish gain. People that gave to the fund were robbed and those that needed the help would never see a dime of help. This stupid Democrat thought that she was above the law but quickly found out that she must answer to the law for her sick crimes against those that give to help people.

Her spending was made to pay for overdue house payments, she needed to pay for a Porsche that she could not afford and a lot of expensive clothing items. Her taste for fox fur coats and articles of clothing from Ralph Lauren were at the top of her sick list. This sick list of spending is just the tip of the iceberg. She was also charged with theft, perjury, messing with public records, tax fraud, and even campaign finance fraud. Her list of charges has grown to the point that she could no longer hide from them. She was taken into custody and is currently awaiting her time in court to answer for crimes that she has done. Thankfully the stupid Democrat will no longer be serving in the House.

In her futile attempt to play the victim card, she would say “I am saddened and dismayed by the nature of the allegations brought against me today. I vigorously dispute many of these allegations, which generally pertain to before I took office and I intend to accept responsibility for any actions that were inappropriate.”