Democrat is Arrested for Trying to Buy Votes from People

The circus just keeps growing for the Democratic Party. They know that they are headed to major losses in November and it is scaring them to death. All their attempts to discredit Republicans and the president have failed miserably. There is nothing left for them to do but turn to illegal means to gain votes and the support of the people of whom they have betrayed.

One Democrat from the city of Cincinnati is now facing 50 years in prison for her actions to gain votes. She thought that it would be a good idea to buy off people for their votes. She has been arrested based on federal corruption charges.

The fanatical Democrat thought she was above the law as she would impress on others her willingness to do things for them if elected. On one account, she was staked out by the FBI who had the cooperation of one company building in the downtown area.

Tanaya Dennard was secretly handed a $10,000 cashiers check. It was reported that she stated quietly that “Oh, that’s perfect. Thank you. … I’m going right to the bank on this.”

Her lust for money and power is the beginning of her downfall. It was also reported that she requested $15,000 from another person for more project help. She stated in that case that “It would be awesome if this were initiated today.”

It was just unbearable for her not to have the money right away. She was being paid off for her help in development projects around the city.

Dennard was released and her passport was taken, so she could not try to flee the country. What she was doing was taking money for her vote on special projects. She would vote in favor of a development project if the other party would pay her a set sum of money.

Little did she know that the FBI was watching her and working with her contact to bring her to justice. The Democrats are not as bright as they let people believe they are. They are clueless about what people know about them to be true.

Her contact was even able to record the conversations they had with her so it could be obtained as evidence of her corruption. The small sums of money that she was getting was certainly not worth the 50 years that it would cost her of her life.

Nathan Holbrook who is the FBI agent working on the case stated that “Dennard engaged in a scheme to defraud the citizens of Cincinnati of her honest services as a council member. She engaged in acts and attempted acts of bribery and extortion, attempting to exchange her votes for money.” The shame that Dennard is going through is nothing compared to what she will have to look forward to in prison.

Her sorry attorney has bought into the lie that she has done nothing wrong. He has stated that “I don’t believe that she’s done anything unethical, or illegal, and we’ll be looking to fight that.”

The facts do not lie. In the conversation with the contact she was told that her actions were wrong, but she persisted to put pressure on the person to deliver the money.

The money that she was receiving was being used for her selfish spending. She was paying for vacations and other things designed to give her pleasure. But the final pleasure would rest in the hands of the police as the handcuffed the liberal and hauled her to jail. There would be no coffee for her as she was intercepted on her way to Starbucks.

Dennard’s crime record is just mounting as she is also found to have engaged in illegally texting other council members, she did not list her debts on her financial papers and she was not paying her bills on time.

She was set to be kicked out of her rental because she was not paying her rent. Dennard will not have to worry about a place to live for a very long time. She will have gotten taxpayers to pay for rent in prison for the next 50 years. Something that all Democrats should live to see for their corruption in other matters.