Democrats are Losing Their Base

At some point in a person’s life there a major awaking to life. There is a limit of what a person finds acceptable and certainly a limit of what they will tolerate. This revelation came to the life of a Democratic state Senator from Pennsylvania.

This man has seen his beloved party turn into a party of demons and now he wants nothing to do with them. What was once a government represented by people voted into office by people have changed because of the stupid Democrats that have turned selfish. His party of stupid Democrats has changed, and he has had enough.

This revelation started in 2016 when his district flipped in its support to President Trump. Elected officials have to represent their voter base and now they have become Trump supporters, and he must do the same. John Yudichak has announced that he will be seen as an independent moving forward.

He is tired of his party acting like they are the pure ones. He is tired of being a part of a group of idiots that are in government for themselves. They have lost sight that they are to represent the people. The dumb Democrats have become so liberal that Yudichak has no choice but to break from them.

This proves that at every level the Democrats are going too far to the loony left. For Yudichak he wants to see ideas that represent things that a better for everyone. He has stated “As an Independent, I will continue to put people above politics. I will continue to support Democratic ideas as well as Republican ideas when it is clear that they serve the greater good and help government work for people rather than the narrow interests of partisan purists.” No more umbrella politics for this man.

The Democrats around the country are on dangerous grounds. Yudichak’s move away from the mainline party is an indicator that the Democrats have lost their minds. Rational people can no longer even stomach the things that they are proposing for the states let alone the nation. The bigotry, lies, fake news, irrational behavior, and corruption are just a few things that are making people sick when they hear the name, Democrat.

Jay Costa who is the state Senate Minority Leader mentioned that they dumb Democrats were “extremely disappointed” with this decision to leave the party. He called it a move from their “big tent” values.

This only shows that there is a core of beliefs that all people must hold to be called a Democrat. People that do not hold to those values are branded as traitors and cast out into the oblivion void. Democrats hate people that turn their backs on the beloved family. Yudichak can expect to see some hatred over this decision to leave at the hands of the Democrats.

Yudichak has admitted that the core of Democrats is shrinking as he stated that the “tent is shrinking every day.” The state is going to see a Republican majority when the next election comes around. The days of the Democratic party are numbered, and it cannot come soon enough. The country is ready for a reduction in liberal values and expulsion of the hatred that Democrats bring with them.

Yudichak has stated “I’m an independent. I’m going to be fiercely independent. I’ve been independent by nature, now it’s going to be my party.” What he has stated here is that he can no longer identify with corruption within the Democratic Party. They are too liberal and are on a path to destruction. They can no longer be trusted to represent the people that voted for them. They are selfish and are ready to implode.

There are still stupid Democratic corruption in the man as he has stated that he would still back the Democratic governor and all of his stupid policies. He will have to learn that being an independent means more than just a name change.

It means he will have to stand against the illegal policies of his beloved governor. And stand for what the people he represents believe in. But one thing is for sure, the Democratic Party is losing people and there is nothing they can do about it.