Democrats Are Now Listening in on the Conversations of Private Citizens

The Democrats are now listening in on the conversations of private citizens. They need to know what people are saying. The person that ran to the Democrats and told lies about the president classified phone calls is proof enough that they desire to hear everything that is being said.

They have tried to get phone call records of the president only to be blocked. The Democrats are control freaks and power abusers. They are trying to get every possible scrap of evidence that they believe exists, so they can remove President Trump from his rightful place as leader of the United States.

The story is the only thing that changes as the Democrats are pushing for phone monitoring of the president. At first glance, they wanted phone records with the word Russia in them. Then came the desire to have records that talked about Ukraine. And now they are going after others trying to get phone records on just about every person working for President Trump.

And the fun does not stop there. The media continues to publish fake stories using sources that are made up to propagate negative information about President Trump. They are targeting him and posting stories that are not true. And yet the Democrats believe every fake report and news column that comes around. They never check their sources.

One such reporter that loves to write fake news stories in Erik Wemple. Wemple works for the Washington Post as a media reporter. He still maintains that other people fail to use reliable sources. This is an interesting thought because he works for an agency that references people in stories that are not associated with the matter.

But the Post maintains that they are real people and their stories are true. Which in turn has been proven to be slanted at attacking President Trump? What is being said is that many of the liberal news agencies are having to make corrections to the fake stories because their sources are not proving to be as reliable as they would like them to be.

In one such case, The Hill went against its reporter which ended up having to call on the same sources multiple times because truth be told they were not that reliable. The Democrats are going after any sources that might have information that they can use against President Trump, so they can discredit him in any way possible. Then instead of keeping the records confidential, they are publishing them for everyone to read and to see.

The  Democrats do not care who they hurt or what kind of information they let out into the public. After all, Hillary Clinton used her email system which was not secure to send classified information to people. The Democrats do not care about anyone but themselves. There is no way that the Democrats can justify their actions of subpoena phone records from people that have nothing to do with any of the investigations that they are illegally pursuing.

In Adam Schiff’s own words “It is deeply concerning that at a time when the president of the United States was using the power of his office to dig up dirt on a political rival, that there may be evidence that there were members of Congress complicit in that activity.”

Adam Schiff is trying to play an innocent card when it comes to these records because he knows that what he is asking for is illegal. Schiff let the phone records get out into the public on purpose. It was reported from one source that Schiff is guilty of “gross abuse of power.”

Nunes, who is affected by Schiff’s stupid actions has said correctly “The Democrats’ impeachment charade is flailing, and desperate people do desperate things. So, Schiff suddenly published phone records of myself, current and former Republican staff members, and a journalist whose reporting he doesn’t like. It’s a gross abuse of power for a congressman to go after his political opponents, staffers, and reporters in this way, but it’s characteristic of the way Schiff has run this entire show. He’s going to need a long rehabilitation period when this is over.”