Democrats Are To Blame If Recession Happens

Democrats have one tool to sabotage everything they are involved in when it comes to politics, the media.  If they can get in the public’s heads and force them to listen to the media, then they become the puppet masters of their own agendas.

They are using the media to create a recession, which is not happening.  President Trump’s officials and advisers are saying there is nothing to worry about, and the economy is stronger than ever.  The sad thing is Liberals and snowflakes buy into this bull.

Yes, the stock market did go down, but do they realize how many times it goes down and bounces back up higher than ever.  The numbers are there in black and white.  No other president has had Wall Street booming more than President Donald Trump.

Numbers have soared until Democrats play around with all their shenanigans.  Only when Democrats think they are winning, the numbers plummet.  They are masters at creating diversions and never before have they come across a president like Donald Trump.

He is the one who exposes them.  All they have is the media to work on people.

Democrats are saying President Trump inherited the strong economy.  In fact, the economy was never that low under the Obama administration.  Obama crashed the oil field industry, which thankfully, Trump was able to save it.

Unemployment was at it’s highest under Obama, President Trump dropped the rate lower than any other president in decades.  Yes, the economy has taken a bit of a dive, but it works like the stock market.

One day it is low, the next it is booming.  At some point, it does level off, and throughout all the years, that is how it has played out.  Experts are silent because they know this is true.

So how desperate are the Democrats?  The Democratic rivals, who are like baboons fighting over fruit, smell the blood and even those who are wise with experience (which aren’t many) are warning the Democrats to avoid the slight dip in the economy.

Why?  Because it exposes them even more on how they are rooting for an economic crash.  If they cannot have it happen, then they create one through the media.  Conservatives see the conspiracy.

The majority of the Democratic primary candidates who are fighting for the nomination have played it smart.  So we will give the devil his due on this issue because they do not have a leg to stand on when it comes to the economy.

President Trump is the real one to thank for the booming economy and the low unemployment rate.  “Sleepy” Joe Biden is one of the candidates who is one of the front runners for the Democratic nomination attacked the president stating, “Donald Trump inherited a growing economy from the Obama-Biden administration, just like he inherited everything in his life.  And now he’s squandering it, just like he squandered everything he inherited in his life.”

That is funny because Biden was Vice President as we all know under the worst president in American History, and he was part of the problem.

One of the Democrats actually grew a brain and realized this of his own party.  Former Representative John Delaney stated, “It feels like some Democrats are cheering on a recession because they want to stick it to Trump.”

That is what we have all been saying.  Once again, we can give the devil his due for that statement.  Mr. Delaney just threw his party under the bus.  Democrats are not worried if a recession happens, they are just ready to attack Trump with something else.

So what do they do?  They make up a story about a recession and spread it.

The communications director for the Trump Campaign, Tim Murtaugh, stated, “This is the best economy that most Americans alive have ever experienced, and no desperate spinning from Democrats or the media can change that.”  For the president, the hardest thing he has to do is to convince voters he is telling the truth, and that there is no recession.

His only concern is how bad does the media play on voters minds.  Doug Heye, a Republican strategist summed it up best, “The challenge is that inconsistent messaging on the economic projects weakness, and if we know one thing about Donald Trump, it is his aversion to any perceived weakness.  There is still a lot of good news this White House can emphasize about the economy. Focus on that.”