Democrats Are Trying to Save Beloved Obamacare

Obamacare has been labeled as unconstitutional. Many parts of the healthcare plan forced people to buy the product or face stiff penalties and fines. When the terrible part that required the purchase was removed the plan became a burden and a worthless entity to people that had the coverage.

The notorious Democrats herald the healthcare plan as the hallmark of Obama’s insane reign as president. So, it is only natural that they will do anything to keep it in force and keep it pushed on Americans everywhere.

The nasty Democrats are now trying to save their beloved illegal plan by asking the Supreme Court to hear their case and hopefully once and for all force the American people to submit to the satanic will.

The Democrats in the House and the states of New York and California have petitioned the Supreme Court to overrule the ruling by the 5th U.S. Court Circuit Court of Appeals based in New Orleans. The Court of Appeals ruled that the 2010 requirement for people to buy the product was indeed unconstitutional.

The Democrats are just plain crazy if they believe that the conservative court is going to agree that forcing people to buy a federal insurance product is fine. The Democrats live in their little world.

They are asking for a definitive answer within six months. They want to see their socialist program back up and running. Obamacare is the last surviving part of the dark legacy of Obama. His ridiculous program has done more harm to the people of the United States than any other program.

18 states along with the Trump administration challenged the law and took the matter to the court declaring that it was unconstitutional. The matter was contested and supported by the Republicans.

A district judge in Texas did rule that the healthcare plan was not legal. This judge struck down the entire healthcare plan. The Democrats have a long history of not listening to or working with the conservative. They blindly engage in changing things without thinking of the consequences or long-term impact of their deceptive laws.

The liberal and loony New York Attorney General has stated that “The Affordable Care Act has been the law of the land for a decade now and despite efforts by President Trump, his administration and congressional Republicans to take us backward, we will not strip health coverage away from millions of Americans.” The truth behind his statement is that they forced these people to purchase the plan.

They boast that 20 million people were insured through the program, but they were forced to do it. Many of them did not need the coverage because they had it through other sources.

The Republicans are right that the government does not need to force healthcare on people that do not want to buy it. The government should never be involved in the private markets of the economy. The purpose of the government was not to control people but rather to protect them.

By forcing people to do something that they do not want to do is wrong and should not be allowed. The stupid part about the fine that has been levied against people that do not want to buy something was seen as a tax.

This definition of the fine allowed Congress to push the fine on people that refused to buy the plan. President Trump took the right action and worked with the Republicans to eliminate the tax definition which led the 5th Circuit court to declare the fine as illegal.

The Appeals court did send the matter to the lower court to further define their ruling. At some point, the law will have to change because to force people to do what is unconstitutional will never hold up in the courts.

President Trump will eventually win the day against the deceptive Democrats and their challenge to reinstate the insurance plan that Obama loves. To force people to buy this plan is socialistic and is one reason why so many people hate it.