Democrats Change the Rules, Helping Bloomberg

The Democrats know they are in trouble this election year. All of their choices to attack the president and lie to the American people are coming back to haunt them. They are left not knowing how to proceed in their attempts to kick President Trump out of the White House. All attempts to have failed. So now it looks like the Democrats are trying to change the rules so their favorite candidate will win.

In many states, the Democrats have been crying about election maps and how they will affect their votes in the future election. But when they draw up the maps they always draw them in their favor. Right now, the Democratic Party is looking to change its rules for elections, so they can make Bloomberg their number one candidate because Bernie Sanders scares them all.

For all practical purposes, Sanders is not a Democrat. He is a socialist that has been hiding within the Democratic Party because socialism is hated by many within the country. But for the wacky liberals, he is loved, and this is what is scaring the Democrats. So, they are changing the rules to be more favorable to their mission as a whole.

Bloomberg has been off the debate stage and this rule change would put him on it. The Democrats need him on it because they believe he is the only one that can beat President Trump. This is their last hope. Michael Bloomberg has failed to appear on important ballots that would enable him to appear on the debate stage. But the rule change would correct all of that.

One can only imagine what changes they would like to make to the presidential election. The loony left has tried to push for the removal of the electoral college. Their premise is that the popular vote should decide who wins. But that method is not effective as liberal power centers such as the major cities can easily dwarf the rural conservative voters.

The Democrat’s history of rigging elections to their preferred favor is legendary. In the case of Clinton in 2016 many felt that they had rigged the election in her favor because she stood the best chance and beating out Trump for the Oval Office. But the American people were looking for someone different, and they wanted an honest person in the office. So, President Trump was chosen.

No matter what the Democrats do this year there is no chance that they will ever beat President Trump. Their push for the impeachment and failed attacks against the president and his family has revealed what the political party is truly like on the inside. The American people are sick of their lies and fake accusations. They want a person that lives up to promises and is not afraid to do the right thing.

Obama was just puppet that tagged along with the money and did what the money holders wanted him to do. He was afraid to confront the Russians and deal with the Chinese. He was powerless to stop Iran and too afraid to support Israel. But not President Trump. He stands alone but fully supported by the millions of people that have come to love and trust his leadership.

The Democrats are running scared, and they have no clue how to stop the flow of support directed at President Trump. None of their candidates are favorable with the majority of the American people. They are downright criminal and pushy. This is also why the Democrats want to change the rules because they need someone else to step in that they believe has a chance to beat the president.

But even their best option is falling short as Bloomberg continues to alienate and bash the factory worker and the farmer. His stance on many issues is pushing potential voters back into the Trump corner. Not one Democrat has told the truth or has proven themselves to be reliable. This is the reason why none of their elite will lever beat the president in an election. President Trump will retire after two full terms. And the county will be better off because of his sacrifice and devotion to the country. And there is nothing the Democrats can do about it.