Democrats Crying About President Trump’s Asylum Agreement with Guatemala

Leave it to the dumb Democrats in the House to come up with a stupid reason to not support President Trump.

The nation is watching a stubborn Democrat leading the House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler try to stand against the president again. This is the perfect opportunity for the dying Democrats to stand with the nation, and they are refusing to agree with the President’s decision regarding Guatemala.

Instead, naughty Nadler is saying that Guatemala does not meet the conditions for determining asylum as a Central American country. Jerrold Nadler actually believes that there is some kind of list that every country must meet up to the standards in order to be able to take in asylum seekers.

He actually believes that President Trump is the problem. He has stated “Once again the president is attempting to illegally circumvent our immigration laws in his all-out effort to stop asylum seekers from coming to the United States, going so far as to bully a foreign country with threats of tariffs and visa bans to force the agreement. Guatemala’s immigration laws and infrastructure are woefully inadequate and unable to meet the needs of migrants coming from other countries in Central America.”

Nadler needs to wake up and face the truth that he is stupid and needs to resign. President Trump is not the problem he is trying to solve the problem.

Guatemala is a country that is pushing the people over the border and through Mexico because they, like Mexico, do not want to deal with asylum seekers. They think that the United States should handle them. So they are intended with breaking the international standard and refusing to let the people stay in their borders.

President Trump knows this and is trying to get them to accept their role in the grand scheme of aiding humanity and help asylum seekers. President Trump got Guatemala to agree to take back the people that past through their country on their way to America.

Naughty Nadler wants to play the stupid card once again and fight to protect this country. He is just a few months away from getting voted out of the House because he stands for the stupid side of those that want to hurt America. The people of the United States are sick of people like Nadler and others that are trying to destroy the country from the inside out.

Nadler and those with him claim that Guatemala does not have what it takes to provide the care needed for asylum seekers.

What a stupid statement coming from the mouth of a man that refuses to send money and aid to the southern border of the United States with the purpose of making things better for those seekers already here. In all reality, asylum seekers will be happy any place that is not as bad as what they are fleeing from.

Nadler believes that the president should rather be working with the House to solve the problems of migration. Stupid Nadler should practice his own words. President Trump has been for three years trying to solve the problem.

He has been opposed by Nadler and those like him that want to see the president fail. They don’t care about the migrants because they only care about themselves.

The stupid Democrats want people to believe that they really care about people and the conditions in which they are living. But their policies on free handouts and policies on free aid are designed to keep people dependent on them because they want to be the ones saving people. President Trump wants to empower people. He wants them to succeed in life and take control of their own futures.

The Democrats are power hungry and will do anything to anyone to get that power. Even if it means walking all over their own supporters.

Their support base is getting smaller because people are seeing them for the frauds that they really are. They have failed too many times for people to want to trust them.