Dems Are Taking Advantage Of The House Intelligence Committee

The House Democrats have been looking for a way to impeach Trump for a while. It seems as though it’s the only thing that they can talk about, despite there being plenty of other things going on inside of the government.

The Mueller report and testimony didn’t hold enough dirt for them, so now they are choosing to go a completely different route.

The Democrats are using the House Intelligence Committee in a way that is completely unprecedented – all to determine whether impeachment is the possibility or not.

45 years ago, when Congress started proceedings for impeachment against Pres. Richard Nixon, the House Intelligence Committee didn’t exist yet.

Democrats are planning to use the committee as a way to get access to some of the counterintelligence secrets that are closely guarded. They’re hoping that gaining access to the secrets will provide them with all of the information that they need in order to impeach.

Democrats have failed to realize that they are not investigative reporters. They don’t get to dig into every single component of every single thing that they disagree with.

The Mueller report was supposed to be the “be-all” of the investigation – and because it didn’t go in the way that the Dems had hoped, they want to use the intelligence panel in an unprecedented way.

The Dems continue to question Trump’s relationship with Russia, so House Dems are trying to figure out whether they need to formally recommend Trump being removed from office or not.

The House Judiciary Committee is typically responsible for impeachment proceedings. This panel is led by Jerry Nadler, though he doesn’t want to take the articles of impeachment alone.

This means that Nadler and Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff could be binding the two committees closely together in order to get the dirt that they need on Trump. Schiff has said that they will work with the judiciary committee and provide as much support as needed.

The Real Problem

The biggest problems that the House faces is that the impeachment process generally involves the public airing of allegations and evidence against a sitting president. However, there is a significant amount of counterintelligence information that is classified.

As such, it cannot be publicly discussed or released. This means that lawmakers are struggling with how to make a public case for trumps impeachment. According to a national security attorney, if the house decides to pursue articles of impeachment, they will need to rely on unclassified information to do so.

Is it a waste of time?

Not everyone in the House is recommending impeachment. Even if the House takes the vote and wants to impeach, it can still end up being a waste of time. A number of Democratic politicians are in areas where Trump won in 2016.

Choosing to impeach him can make it difficult for them to get re-elected – and this is something that Pelosi has been worried about from the very beginning. By impeaching Trump, they could end up losing the House majority in 2020.

Further, impeachment doesn’t necessarily remove Trump from office. It would simply be one step – and the Senate most likely would still vote to keep him in office.

It all comes down to the grand scheme that the Democrats have clearly forgotten to consider. If Trump is removed from office, Pence becomes president.

They are still dealing with a Republican president for at least 18 months. Although they are hopeful that Pence would resign, it is unlikely to happen. Further, if he did resign, that would put Pelosi into the seat of the president, which isn’t what anyone wants – and isn’t something that anyone voted to make happen.

Involving the Intelligence Committee

The Dems choosing to involve the Intelligence Committee is extremely divisive because of their ability to work with high levels of classified documents. It, essentially, gives the house Dems a workaround so that they can get more information about Trump.

They want to see more of the information that Mueller collected in order to create his report. The Dems have proven that they are extremely un-trusting of the information that they are receiving – which is likely to get them in trouble with the Department of Justice, again.

At some point, the Dems are going to have to accept that Trump is their president.

They need to vote for impeachment or move on because they are wasting taxpayer dollars and forgetting that their actual job is to focus on passing laws instead of playing investigative detectives on Capitol Hill.