Dems Think Border Wall Fight Can Wait Until November

Pelosi and the rest of the Dems acknowledge that there’s an immigration crisis happening at the US-Mexico border. They’re happy to blame it all on Trump.

However, President Trump has said from day one what he wants to do – build a wall. They don’t want to build a wall, though. If it were up to them, they’d open the borders entirely to allow anyone to come into the country.

With the crisis continuing on, they’ve decided to bush the fight for the border wall until November. They’re busy with other things, such as still trying to find ways to impeach the president instead of dealing with real, pressing matters happening in the country.

The fight to get the funds for the border wall has been ongoing. Trump wants to see it in the budget and the House Dems don’t want to give him the money, mainly because it would be a win for his campaign.

To avoid a government shutdown over the money, the Dems have pushed it off to the side. This averts the shutdown but pushes the real issue several months away.

There have been quite a few hard-line moves on immigration recently, including Trump being able to negotiate with Mexico to control their own southern border.

This has reduced the number of people being arrested at the US border since Mexico is tightening up movement through their own country from Honduras and the Central American countries.

The House isn’t happy about that. As such, the progressives have made a temporary concession. They’ll be passing a stopgap funding bill that allows everything to sit at status quo for the time being.

As long as Trump gives the green light, Senate Republicans have said they will back the short-term bill. It doesn’t provide the funding, but it doesn’t say no to the funding, either.

It simply provides more time for everyone to argue over whether they’re going to let the President do his job and help to improve the immigration problem. Meanwhile, they’re going to keep status-quo so that there is no government shutdown.

The final showdown is expected to happen in November, right around Thanksgiving. It would be Trump’s last chance to make a promise on his campaign before the peak of his re-election campaign hits.

Right now, the bill provides bipartisan funding to ensure that there’s a truce between Congress and the Trump administration.

While it’s not a perfect scenario, no one has to deal with a government shutdown. Further, it ensures that there’s not going to be any new crackdowns on immigration agencies.

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has been all about having as little drama about this as possible. She’s getting up there in age and you can tell how the stress of this position is taking a toll on her. While it would be great to see retirement, that’s not likely to happen, either.

While she’s trying to play along and keep everyone happy, the Congressional Progressive Caucus is putting up a fight. They want her to take a harder line against Trump – and so does the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. They don’t like his extreme immigration tactics, including taking away military funds to deal with the border wall.

Juan Vargas (D-CA) doesn’t want Trump to get away from this. He wants to “take it to the mat” in order to see the funds stay where they are. However, the problem at the border isn’t going to go away on its own – and moderate Dems don’t want to see open borders, either.

Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, is saying that he’s concerned about robbing the troops with the resources they need in order to build a military wall. However, he’s not fooling anyone. He’s consistently one who votes down any legislation that provides funding to the military.

Additionally, he would see that if the immigration at the southern border doesn’t get under control, it’s going to lead to the need for even more military action because of migrants getting so aggressive. Rather than dealing with a war at the border, a wall can work wonders.

The Dems are so fearful of giving Trump the win that they’ll continue to push the problem under the rug. They’ll point the finger in the meantime.

They’re hoping that they can dismiss the issues until a Dem president can get in so that borders can be opened entirely – and that’s when the immigration problem will rise to all-new levels.

It’s best if they deal with it now, but they’ve proven time and again that it’s not their style to actually solve problems.