DeSantis Signs Bill Giving $500M Raise in Teachers’ Salaries

The state of Florida is benefiting from the awesome leadership of Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. He has paved the way for a model response to COVID-19 in dealing with the issue and reopening the state. He looks out for the people of Florida, no matter what their affiliation in life. And he does not stop to keep making the state better than it was the year before. COVID-19 and other major issues have taken the stage in the media and minds of people. For many, it is easy to stop focusing on the smaller issues and deal only with the big ones. But for Ron DeSantis, the small issues affect people and he has not forgotten about them.

DeSantis looks towards the future as he makes plans and leads the state. This past week he addressed a growing issue that involves how much teachers were being paid in the stated. At the time the average teachers’ salary was 26th overall in the nation.

That was far too low for DeSantis. To be the greatest in education and set the path for future leaders, good teachers have to be placed throughout the state. But they will only come is they are paid well.

The state was in the middle of the average for teacher’s salaries and that was not good enough for Ron DeSantis. No one would come to the state if they could not be paid enough to live on. So, he signed a bill that provides an additional $500 million to be used to pay teachers with.

This took Florida to 5th place in the nation for how much teachers are paid. This makes it possible for those good teachers to come to the area to help put Florida in first place nationally in education and other fields.

DeSantis would also like to see other people becoming teachers. The base salary for a K-12 teacher now sits at $47,500. This is a lot of money for teachers when compared with other states. People have to be paid well if they are going to entice to working in a particular field.

DeSantis stated that “This is a really big day for teacher’s compensation and we look forward to getting it to the teachers. Today, I signed HB 641 and announced the approval of $500 million dedicated to raising teacher salaries in Florida. This historic initiative puts Florida among the top five states in the nation for minimum teacher pay.”

The breakdown of the $500 million is that $100 million will go to increase the pay of experienced teachers and the rest will increase the base pay from $37,636 to $47,500. This is a huge increase that needed to be done to make Florida a desirable place to teach.

DeSantis also knows that there is more to being a good teacher that just money. He stated that “Obviously you’re not going to get rich doing it, just like police officers don’t get rich, just like other things. You do it because you have a servant’s heart.”

The bill will also keep different school districts from lowering the base salary under the state level.

The increase is set to take effect on July 1. If also counteracts some of the effects that COVID-19 brought to the state. It will help with that sector of business since the teachers will be paid more. This package is the largest increase ever seen for teachers in Florida’s history.

This truly is a monumental moment. DeSantis cares more for the people than any Democrat could. They would rather use the money for selfish gain and hand it out to people that are not legal citizens of the country.

Ron DeSantis led Florida through uncharted waters and brought everyone through to the other side without much loss economically. He recognizes that it was not easy for teachers to transition to a virtual classroom in a short amount of time.

He stated that “It was not an easy transition. I think Florida did better than just about any other state,” he added, noting their innovation and dedication to the students through a difficult time.