Discipline of Vindman Up to the Pentagon

There is more going on behind the scenes than most people know about when it comes to the lunatics of the Democratic Party. They work behind the scenes to secretly sabotage anything that the president is involved with.

It is not beneath them to hire a spy from within to funnel information to them about the activities of the president. This is the case that was discovered after President Trump was acquitted of all the fake charges against him.

Alexander Vindman is a disgrace to the uniform that he wears. He is now the former National Security Council because he lost his job after becoming a turncoat against his country.

He may have won the Purple Heart but his loyalty to the country hangs in the balance. Vindman testified against his commander in chief knowing full well that what he was hired by the Democrats to spy on was within the president’s right to do.

But beyond loyalty and trustworthiness, Vindman turned his back on the country that he swore to protect. He violated that oath when joined sides with the Democrats.

One can wonder what he was thinking when he half-heartedly spied on a phone call between the president and another world leader. He had no right to be nosing around in things that he was not to be hearing.

Aside from firing the vindictive little man, President Trump could have done a lot more to make this man pay for his treachery. But in his grace, President Trump is leaving any disciplinary actions to Vindman’s superiors in the military.

President Trump stated concerning Vindman’s discipline “That’s going to be up the military. We’ll have to see. They are certainly, I imagine, going to take a look at that.”

Alexander Vindman was escorted by security from the premises of the White House. He received his payment for his work by losing his job. The Democrats will not be protecting him because they want to wash their hands of any corruption that they are involved with.

Vindman stands alone. He and all others that turned against their president and spied on him have been condemned as traitors and not worthy to be in the White House any longer.

No one knows why Vindman was even eavesdropping on the president’s phone calls. The call between President Volodymyr Zelensky and the president is classified. No one should have been on the other line listening in on his call.

To the shock of the nation, the transcript of the call was released. Which proved that the president had nothing to hide. Little Vindman had his bluff called.

This action by Vindman and the big mouth of the whistleblower is what the Democrats devised behind closed doors. They aimed to impeach the president, so they could put one of their own in the White House. Of course, they would have had to remove Mike Pence.

Vindman stated that he was concerned about the call and needed to speak up. So, he acted on personal feelings and created a huge amount of trouble for people that had done nothing wrong. He heard a part of the total conversation that had taken place over several phone calls and decided that he knew enough about nothing to betray his country.

The “insubordinate” Vindman would soon realize his mistake and lose his job. He might as well go and flip burgers because no one will trust him any longer to be a team player.

His actions not only affected his future but those of his twin brother. As he too was removed from the White House. The whole family cannot be trusted. His name will forever be recorded as one that was a traitor. He could not be a team player and trust that his commander in chief was honest.

Robert O’Brien who is the National Security Adviser stated that “The president is entitled to staffers that want to execute his policy, that he has confidence in, and I think every president’s entitled to that.

But there’s no retaliation concerning the Vindmans as far as impeachment goes.” President Trump considers the matter to be something that the military will have to deal with. He has already taken care of keeping the sad little man out of the way.