Donald Trump: Changing Politics Forever, He Knew That Going In

The final year of President Trump’s first term in office is almost here and what an amazing first three years it has been. Donald Trump has kept his promise to “make America great again”. Now, he is working on the new campaign of “keeping America great” and as he has done from day one, he has had to change how politics are done along the way.

We knew the day we heard that Donald Trump was making a run at the Presidency, that he wasn’t our typical Presidential candidate or politician for that matter. What we didn’t know was just how much of the political landscape Donald J. Trump was going to change and he has, from the verbiage to the atmosphere of this veiled arena.

One recent story reporting on President Trump’s impact on all things politics began by saying, “Donald Trump understood from day one that he could never win the presidency talking the way politicians talk.” That story using excerpts like the one above discusses a new book from Charles Hurt, Still Winning: Why America Went All In on Donald Trump – And Why We Must Do It Again.

It also goes into detail about how he has changed much more than the language used within the inner circles of those on Capitol Hill. It did start there, however, as the story went on to say “…this was a man who was out to crash the gates of Washington. And in order to do that, he had to radically upend the way the game of politics is played. He had to start by changing the language.”

In Washington D.C. as we were reminded by Hurt, there is verbiage used and reserved for those on the inside. Well, at least there was until Donald Trump arrived. Having a language or speak unique to an industry, field or particular arena of interest isn’t uncommon. Only in the medical arena, could a negative be a positive thing. It is only in the financial world that both a credit and a debit could be viewed as a good thing, depending on the type of ledger you are looking at.

The problem with the political jargon commonly found among politicians though is that it keeps those outside the walls of Washington in the dark. That would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that “we” as in the residents and citizens of the United States are the ones being represented. We are the people that elected and chose them to run our cities, states, and this great Nation.

So speaking in a language that keeps those you work for in the dark seems somehow unethical, doesn’t it?

Using more plain speak, less political jargon and a sometimes blunt style, President Trump simply sounds different. Then came an attitude that those in politics have rarely encountered. On numerous occasions, the President has asked simple questions or simply stated his position, without rhetoric and to the point.

Questions like “why?” Why can’t we get this done, or why can’t we do this now? He has often voiced his desires with sentences that start with simple words like “I want.” Such as I want to do business with this country or I want to build a wall…

Then, most impressively, we are watching a President who just gets things done. He not only uses plain talk, he does more than demand answers to the simple questions, he also gets things done.

Not the way Obama did, by bullying and forcing policy and legislation but by making it happen. This President has worked on issues that required cooperation from both sides of the aisle. This is a President who finds a way, as he did in his professional business life, to get things accomplished.

He is building the wall, to keep us safer. He is succeeding at immigration reform as ICE can validate. He has renewed the economy, by making deals and promoting business. He has changed the way politics are being conducted and redefining politics as we speak.

Donald Trump has not only delivered on his promise to make America great again but he has also changed the face of politics. As the aforementioned story came to a close, they offered this insight into the President’s view of governemnt: “Donald Trump saw all of this for exactly what it was. It was a fraud. Whether it was trade, immigration, wars, spending, or taxes—it was all a fraud. The American people were getting taken to the cleaner’s financially, and .the American people were getting sold out as losers.”

President Trump is changing politics and America too.