Drag Queen Reading to Children Was Highly Inappropriate

Children love to listen to a good story as it is read to them with drama and narrations added to it. They sit and let their minds wander through the words and images that they are part of the story.

But for some kids in the state of Minnesota had to deal with the horrific images of a drag queen that thought it is a good idea to let all the kids see up its skirt. The drag queen is a sorry excuse for a human being that reads to kids to soothe their conscience of living an embarrassing existence as a human.

What is sad about this incident is that the stupid person did the act of exploiting kids and exposing them to the sick images on purpose. One person from the Child Protection League was in attendance and took photos of the drag queen and its sorry attempt to take advantage of little kids.

The CPL is an organization that tries to keep kids from having to endure this kind of exposure at such an early age. What the library was thinking when it allowed this kind of scum bag into a child’s reading room is highly questionable.

CPL released a statement that said “Debauchery and sexual grooming are going on at our local tax-payer funded, Hennepin county public libraries right now. This ‘performer’ from Oct. 17, is most likely only 18 or 19 years old, from his social media, it looks like he just graduated from high school. What kind of parents bring their children to watch an adult strip club entertainer read transgender books?”

The dumb parents of these little kids are just as much to blame as the idiot that dressed up like some freakish sexual clown for bringing them to the event. Instead of promoting such an event at the library the parents should have protested the event and shut the library down. A child should have to wonder if they will be protected by their parents. The parent should have protected them without having to be asked to do so.

The kind of exposure that some of these kids went through can lead to other problems later in life. The more they are exposed to the horror of such imagery will just lead them to believe that dressing and acting that way is a normal part of life. Drag queens are nothing more than harlots and prostitutes looking for a few dollars in return for a one night stand. They have no place in library reading to little kids. They should be in prison.

The library decided to cancel any further drag queen readings. The stupid library leaders should have never allowed such an event to happen in the first place. They posted a statement that said “We’ll be doing what we can to notify the public of those meetings and to encourage people to voice their opinion. We’ll continue to monitor the drag queen story hour across the state where we can.”

These kinds of questionable events are what happens when stupid liberal Democrats control the state. They do not care about kids, and they certainly do not care who they hurt when serving in office.

The dumb liberalists believe that the drag queen should have equal rights as everyone else. There is a big difference in having rights and forcing the majority to live exposed to the actions of a freakish demented low life.

The county of Hennepin where the library is located stated the following stupid statement “Drag performers historically were leaders in the fight for equality — including them in LGBT History Month observances is meant to both honor the history and provide a welcoming space for families who may not otherwise see themselves reflected in our public places.”

They have been brainwashed into thinking that they need to promote the lifestyle of an outcast of society that is illegal in most other states. Little does the child know that the drag queen works for a criminal that is only in it for money.

Later the county stated that they may have to have a dress code for these kinds of events. How about not have the event in the first place. It is not acceptable for a child to be exposed to adult-rated material.