Dreamer Busted for Human Smuggling

The Dreamers are in the country illegally and need to be sent home. They may have been children at once time, but they are now grown. Some of these illegals are criminals with a violent past. If they had been sent home from the start, then the people that they had hurt would not have the reality that they do now.

One of the major things that two Dreamers were found to be doing as human smuggling. The crime bosses of the south send their undercover contacts into the United States. At some point, they start smuggling humans into and out of the country.

At a time when human sex trafficking is on the rise and children are disappearing these criminals are the major part of the problem. Two Dreamers were arrested for human smuggling and other crimes. These are the very people that the Democrats want to keep in the country.

One of the men violated the DACA program because he has committed serious crimes. In one instance he assaulted a family member, drove while intoxicated and committed robbery. And these are the people that the dumb Democrats want living in cities around the country.

The stupid Dreamer was released on probation. He got a slap on the wrist. Later he was sentenced to 10 years but part of the sentence was abolished.

DACA is the one program that the Democrats admitted to setting up illegally. Obama was the instigator. He used his executive powers to override established immigration laws to protect the kids of illegal aliens. Like a good stupid Democrat, he did think that someday these kids were going to become adults.

There was no plan to send them home when they reached a certain age. So the illegal kids saw a way for them to live criminal lives while being protected under the DACA program.

A second freakish Dreamer was arrested in an area known for human smuggling. It was found that he was engaged in helping people cross the border. His vehicle was stopped and investigated because it was acting suspiciously.

Agents quickly found that he was transporting illegals with the intent of helping them into the country. The dumb Dreamer was being paid by other people to bring the illegals into the country.

Both of these incidents were unrelated. Meaning that there are two know illegal smuggling of human rings in full operation. The dumb Democrats would love to have everyone believe that these things just don’t happen.

But it happens more than anyone ever realizes. When a child goes missing, there is a good chance they have been snatched up into one of these rings. Jeffrey Epstein was guilty of taking girls into the sex ring world.

The dumb Democrats would have everyone believe that open borders are the answer to the border problems. All this would do would be to open up the roadways for human smuggling to happen at a faster rate. Why any person would ever want to believe a Democrat is beyond reason. They have been found wrapped up in lies to the point that no one can trust anything they can say.

The DACA program was the stupidest thing that Obama could have ever done while he was terrorizing in office. The so-called Dreamers do not deserve to be in the country. They are here only because of the illegal actions of their parents. They are here because no one had the guts to send them home because they feared the pressure from the stupid Democrats.

Now President Trump is ready to send them home. He is ready to kick them out of the country and put them back where they belong. They all have been living off the hard work of taxpayers for a way to long.

President Trump is working hard to fix the messes that the Democrats have made of America. And that is why they hate him so much. That is why they are trying to build a false case against him. So they can remove him from office and stop everything from getting better.