Durham’s Investigation on 2016 Trump Campaign Surveillance Gets Expanded

As the House Intelligence Committee continues its efforts to find President Donald Trump guilty and, therefore, impeachable, US attorney John Durham also continues his investigation into the 2016 election and the surveillance of Trump’s campaign.

And the news has just broken that the investigation has expanded rather greatly, according to Fox News’ Bret Baier.

When the investigation first began, Fox News reported that it would cover and review the days leading up to the 2016 election itself and up through the inauguration. However, based on new evidence that Durham and his team have found, the investigation now includes a timeline that runs right up until the spring of 2017, when former FBI director Robert Mueller was named special counsel. In addition, agents and resources have been added to the case, according to several senior administration officials.

Attorney General William Barr appointed Durham to lead the investigation back in May of this year, shortly after Mueller’s investigation was completed.

Barr told CBS News at the time, “I assumed I’d get answers when I went in and have not gotten answers that are well satisfactory, and in fact probably have more questions.” He also added that “some of the facts that…I’ve learned don’t hang together with the official explanations of what happened.”

Therefore, he ordered his own investigation.

The purpose of Durham’s investigation was to find out about any possible misconduct and improper surveillance of the Trump 2016 campaign, as well as whether or not Democrats had illegally conspired with foreign entities to rig the election.

According to one source, the “hard-charging, bulldog” attorney from Connecticut is also focused on CIA and FBI informants familiar with the case and their assignments, as well as the possibility that Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants may have been improperly issued during that time period. Barr asked Durham to “ensure that intelligence collection activities by the U.S. government related to the Trump 2016 presidential campaign were lawful and appropriate.”

Both Barr and Durham traveled to Italy together late last month to speak with law enforcement and Italian intelligence officials. While there, the two were known to be interested in finding out what was known about a mysterious Maltese professor, Joseph Mifsud, who had been in contact with Trump adviser George Papadopoulos during the 2016 campaign.

Reports have also come in from more than one source familiar with the case that the pair have already spoken to authorities in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Ukraine as well on the issue.

It was revealed on September 25 by the Justice Department that Ukrainian embassy officials were working with a Democrat National Committee (DNC) operative to obtain information about Paul Manafort, then-campaign chairman for Hillary Clinton. Durham is, therefore, looking into why and if it had any effect on the 2016 elections.

The Justice Department’s spokeswoman Kerri Kupec said last month that Durham “is gathering information from numerous sources, including a number of foreign countries. At Attorney General Barr’s request, the president has contracted other countries to ask them to introduce the attorney general and Mr. Durham to appropriate officials.”

The fact that the entire investigation as been expanded so far and now needs to include more resources and agents must mean they have found quite a bit of information. One can only imagine at this point what they have found, but it’s likely not good, at least for the Democrats who conspired against our president.

In addition, Republican Representative John Ratcliffe announced on Tuesday that the FISA report about this case was expected to be released by the Justice Department’s Inspector General Michael Horowitz within the next two weeks.

So not only has the case been expanded, but the results they have received so far from it are pushing it closer and closer towards being completed and solved. Finally, we are about to learn the truth of what actually happened and not just heresy from some biased Democrat official who hates Trump and would like nothing more than to see him impeached for wrongs he didn’t commit.

Not that the impeachment proceedings will work anyway. It’s clear the left’s case is already falling apart at the seams. Otherwise, they wouldn’t find the need to be so secretive about the hearings. As Churchill once said, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth puts on its boots.” Luckily for both Trump and us, the truth finally has its boots on, and we are walking towards justice.