Efforts Increased to Finish Trump’s Wall

The call of the majority of Americans was for President Trump to build a wall to protect the people from the criminals coming up from the south. The president has fought ferociously the Democrats to get the money that was needed to develop and build a wall that would protect the country effectively.

He has had to fight with liberal agencies and others to gain the momentum needed to complete his promise. He has recently acquired the land that will allow the wall to be built in an area that sees a lot of criminal and illegal traffic.

There are a few people that cry about the eminent domain laws that allow the government to seize land for important reasons. President Trump has had to acquire lands legally to build the wall.

Eminent domain laws give the right for the government to take the land and offer money for the transaction. The majority of the people offered the money will end up taking the financial offer and give up the wasted land that they had owned as a border between the two nations.

As President Trump has fought to protect America the liberals have proven that they do not care about the safety and security of the American people. They have fought the entire process to the point where President Trump has had to declare a national emergency just, so he can provide the reasons to move the funds to start building the wall.

Many of the Democrats have even opposed his declaration of emergency because they do not want to see him deliver on a promise he made years ago to build the wall for the American people.

President Trump knows that there are 1,300 miles of border that has no fencing to protect the people of the United States. The goal of the White House is to build 450 miles by the end of 2020. Most of the border has nearly impossible terrain. This means that illegals trying to cross in these areas will probably end their lives trying to cross the border at these points.

The building of the wall takes precedence over other projects that are along the border. One official has stated that “Unfortunately, the bottom line with this litigation is the government has a right to take the land. The only question is: What’s fair compensation? What’s the value of that land?… How do you put a price on this native habitat and the purpose for which it was to be used?”

In one tract of land, it was being developed into a wildlife preserve. But there is no need for this kind of preserve if it is going to be an area illegals use to cross the border illegally. They will just trash the land and destroy the preserve. The wall at least will keep the criminals in Mexico.

The federal government is being made to look like a bully through much of the process. They are offering more than fair compensation for the land that they are taking to build the wall. They are offering figures of $14,775 to $67,405 an acre. This is fair compensation for the land that they are buying from the people.

Some landowners have tried to fight the purchase of their lands for good reason. But in the end, the government will win. They are not being bullied into selling their land because they are being offered fair price and compensation for it.

The process to enter the private lands and start the process is allowed under federal law. The landowner is sent a letter requesting access. The hope is that the owner will cooperate, but there have been some that have resisted.

If there is no answer to the letter, the owner is then visited by border patrol. The border agents come with other people that are needed to conduct the survey. Some owners resist to the very end and lose a lot of compensation for their refusal to help secure the border. The president is doing his job and protecting the country from criminals coming up from the south.