Elizabeth Warren Persists, Even Though Bernie Supporters Wish She Wouldn’t

Sen Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass placed fifth in the South Carolina Primary, winning no delegates. With Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar out of the race, having hurried to Texas to kiss Joe Biden’s ring and bestow upon him their endorsement, Warren is facing increasing questions about what the purpose of her candidacy is.

Yet, as an old slogan goes, she persists, even though a lot of people, especially Bernie Sanders supporters, wish that she won’t.

Sarah Jones, writing for New York Magazine, urges Warren to drop out of the race and endorse Bernie Sanders as the only way to preserve her dignity.

“For Warren’s supporters, this will be difficult to accept, and for good reason. The senator has spoken movingly of her working-class background and introduced a slate of generous policies that represent long-overdue corrections to corporate power. In debates, she can be fearsome. She is probably the first person to publicly humiliate Michael Bloomberg in years, and she has proven herself to be something of a rarity in American politics. There are few Democrats who make the case for changing the government’s priorities as consistently and persuasively as Warren.”

Not to mention the fact that with Kamala Harris out of the race and Tulsi Gabbard more or less irrelevant, Warren constituted the best hope of electing a woman president in 2020.

Many of Hillary Clinton’s supporters are still shell shocked, three and a half years later, that their woman of destiny was beaten in 2016 by that orange-haired monster. Indeed, by all accounts, Hillary has not learned to accept her defeat.

According to Jones, the Warren camp believes that they can pile up enough delegates in the contests to come to deny anyone the nomination on the first ballot. Then, according to the scenario, the convention would turn way from Biden because he exhibits signs of dementia, Bernie because he is too radical, and Bloomberg because he is a plutocrat. Warren would be the “obvious” choice of the people in the back rooms and would be the perfect compromise candidate for the delegates.

Other pundits smirk at this idea. They point out that Warren’s tendency to duplicity and her willingness to flipflop on a dime makes her fresh meat for Trump in the general election.

The president has already proven that he has what it takes to put away a liberal woman of destiny. Warren, who is none too popular with Democrats if the primary results are any indication, should prove to be no problem.

Vox also suggests that there’s a problem with Warren’s strategy of being the compromise candidate. Neither the progressive wing nor the moderate wing particularly likes her.

The progressives, who are increasingly supporting Sanders, do not like Warren because of a personal rift that she stoked between them during one of the debates.

“After referring to each other as “friends” for much of the 2020 primary, Warren and Sanders had a very public rift in January after Warren confirmed a report that Sanders told her in a 2018 meeting he believed a woman couldn’t win in 2020. Progressive groups that have endorsed both Warren and Sanders have been trying to keep tensions down and channels of communication open. But at least one progressive leader openly wondered whether Warren would endorse Sanders if she dropped out.”

Indeed, Sanders has denied that the conversation ever took place. And, considering Warren’s history of shading the truth about everything, from her ethnic background to a false story she tells about being fired for being pregnant, Sanders is getting the benefit of the doubt.

But the moderates don’t like her either, according to Vox. They are frantically trying to consolidate around Biden as the anti-Bernie. They sincerely wish that Warren would get with the program.

“Some establishment types who are worried about whether Sanders is electable might prefer a race without Warren in it, too. If they think Biden is the best one to take on democratic socialist from Vermont and figure that at least some of her support will go to him, they don’t want her muddling the race, either.”

Vox leaves us with an interesting fact. If and when Warren drops out, 40 percent of her supporters claim Sanders as their second choice. That means that the rest may rally to Biden, which would give the former vice president a huge advantage going forward,

The upshot is, no one but Warren’s small group of supporters want her to stay in the race. Most Democrats of all stripes wish she would not persist.